Dark Indy 2

I was thinking today, I do sometimes have a wee thought or two, and got thinking about Indy1 and Project Fear.

Project Fear, whether we like it or not, was very effective. It scared the crap out of some people, esp older people, it scared them and many others into voting no with the vision of The Vow the plaster to the darkness. It was a shitty thing to do and Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Mad Tory Party should forever have our contempt.

So why don’t we turn the tables, do what they did to us and put it right back to them. Let’s paint a picture of a United Kingdom heading back to the Stone Age.

Let’s show people exactly what the UK will be like in 10 years time. Let’s tell them there will be no NHS, no pensions, free market rule in our public services, work until you drop, high unemployment, food lines like the old Soviet Union, no EU to protect us. Lets say that the UK will contaminate the land and water when they are forced to re-open the coal mines, lets say that GM foods will be the norm, let’s scare the shit out of them and then paint our own Vow that an independent Scotland is the only thing that will save them.

Lets force the Better Together mob to paint a picture of the UK that everyone will know is bollocks, lets force them to come up with even more outrageous nonsense to counter the end of world argument that we can put forward, lets have them speak about the Windsor’s, Westminster, the HoL, the diminishing safety net , the pulling and sharing with the DUP, lets put those liars under the spotlight and lets give them nowhere to hide.

They painted us as evil separatists, lets show people there is something worse, a hell of a lot worse. It’s called the United Kingdom and never ending Tory Rule, lets grow a pair.



  1. Stan Wilson

    Yes, fight fire with fire as long as the SNP are not directly responsible for the painting, that must be the independence movement and us alone. We must ensure no blame is attached to the SG. Definitely up for giving them a touch of their own treatment.

      • Anonymous


        Just having a wee think out the box, I don’t expect yes will play it anything like as hard as I suggest but I might.

        Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous


      I don’t think the SNP can sit on the fence the next time to a huge extent. YES should take the lead totally agree with that but the SNP will have to come up with a radical vision and they may have to get dirty as well. I’m just brainstorming to be honest, my fear is yes will play it safe the next time and that will be a huge risk.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. ebreah


    The Yes campaign ran literally on hope previously; in face of continuous bombardment of (pure) negativity and falsehood. Even with that, it managed to sway about 15% of the population into voting for a change. Independence, from being a fringe idea, became mainstream and acceptable. Some say inevitable.

    Therefore what the SNP should do now is two fold. It must engineer a condition, a belief, that staying in the UK is detrimental to the very existence of Scotland and its population. This is where Dark Indy 2 you have suggested comes into play. The Scottish Government must saturate the whole country about the danger of the continued being in the UK. So many things to choose from (i.e. farmers, OPA and young persons) and if the SNP fails to do, I dare say it is negligence.

    Alongside this Dark Indy 2, the Scottish Government must offer a (only) way out, which is independence. With all the shit that is about to come, most will be pragmatic (versus being ideological, like us) and will vote for yes. Only 30% of the population are hardcore Unionists, there rest are up for grab in the next Indyref.

    Hope and fear are two different sides of the same coin, and fear operates on maintaining status quo (in our case, “the broad shoulder of the UK”). That status quo is gone. The sooner SNP/Scottish Government makes every Scots realise that, the faster we will achieve independence.

    p/s: the Yes Movement must be bigger and the umbrella organisation next time around. The SNP as political party will be hemmed by political constraints. The Yes movement must be able to influence the SNP, not the other way around. Sometimes I think the SNP needs a few kicking in the metaphorical arse in order to remind them to move.

    Sorry for the slightly incoherent ramblings; the brain moves faster and the fingers.

    • grumpyscottishman


      You are actually spot on, and Stan is saying basically the same thing, I am just throwing some ideas out there to see what others think. I do think the SNP have to be bolder as you say, and I have been blogging now for a while that the next indy debate has to be led by the wider YES movement, no matter how uncomfortable that will be for the SNP. I also agree that they do sometimes need a kick up the arse, I totally appreciate they can’t win with the 30% and mainstream press, and they still have to govern, but they have to be bold and they have to move away from the middle, there is no middle now in the UK. The Tories have moved far right, Labour are moving to the left and people can see that the middle way is pretty much not an option right now, it won’t win votes as the Liberal Democrats just found out, the next battle in so many ways is going to be between the free market and social liberalism in so many ways, do people want to let the few and big business run everything, including their public services or do they want a different vision, and independent Scotland that at the very least tries to be fair but accepts that social liberal model in so many ways, not the middle but a common sense approach to where we are and where we might be going.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. George

    The Tories have always admired ‘Victorian Values’. Workhouses, kids up lums, no trade unions, foreigners out, gunboat diplomacy, everyone knowing their place (especially women). Above all an unflinching patriotic duty to crown and flag (their flag, not ours).

    • Bruce


      You’re not wrong but the world has changed and a lot of people in the UK are about to find out the world doesn’t give a crap a out them. If what’s coming doesn’t move people closer to indy nothing will.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Jim Morris

    First Question to ask is:”What do you do with the £5trillion you extract from Scotland into the Treasury every year?

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