There are times

I don’t often, if at all, blog about certain subjects. I rarely talk about religion, terrorists or horrific events such as the recent fire in London. One of the main reasons is that some things are just too horrible for me to get into a blame game about, where my opinions and feelings would add nothing to the debate other than to add to the millions of words that somehow feel like they diminish the horrible things we have to learn from and hopefully not repeat. 

Today Jeremy Corbyn made a very political statement about the Grenfell fire in London and is being accused by a lot of people of taking advantage of the tragedy. I’m not so sure he was but like all of these type of horrific events you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. 

The reality for me, while the issues are complex, is that we live in a time where politicians rarely make decisions for our benefit. Money rules all, big business, many believe, really run the world. We live in a time where the power of the few demands that we are losing many of the gains that many people fought and died for, we are forgetting and losing sight of the horrors of our history and that has led to too many of those gains we have in the first place sadly being taken for granted. 

Many of our problems, and I know this might be simplistic, in so many ways comes down to us. Far too many of us don’t vote, many of us are incredibly ignorant of what goes on in our country and how decisions are made. Far too many who do go and vote do so without thinking about what they are actually voting for, too many of us are just not interested enough. 

When I blog I am more often than not getting something off my chest and expressing an opinion. I totally accept that I am not often correct but I want to learn and the more I learn the more I can make an informed choice. More people need to do that. 

That might just be the start of solving our problems, or some of them. We cannot trust the press, or our politicians, but I do think if people know the truth, or as much of it they can find out about, they will get to the right point or place in the end. 

It is really easy to blame, and even easier to blame others but when I think about the conversations I have, the ones I hear and the things I see I can’t escape from the fact that if we must abortion blame then we need to start with ourselves. 

There is a saying you get what you vote for, you get what you pay for, what goes around comes around. The first two are true and the third isn’t. The point where we are at now is that we can’t trust the politicians to do what’s right, we can’t trust the banks, the businesses, the lawyers or the courts, they are as much prisoners of their own establishment as much as we are prisoners of their decisions. 

What we can do though is, we can take an interest, we can learn, we can vote, we can care and when, like  Jeremy Corbyn, we are looking for someone to blame, we can start by looking at ourselves and our own indifference. When we get to grips with that then we might start to make the right choices, we might start to make things better. 



  1. Helena Brown

    I feel exactly like you, I deplore the stupid things that are done and said, the lack of understanding that when you vote you should look very carefully at what the people you vote for are saying. It is no joke, you will be stuck with the decisions you make for a long time. I am beginning to wish that the SNP would stop alleviating Tory policies which might clarify the position in those people’s understanding specially those who voted safe in the knowledge they would not suffer from them.
    Maybe we need to teach Politics in school, women are often the worse offenders, they do not see politics as something which affects them. Though I am pleased to see the younger set are more aware. Much of my generation and sadly class, that was something they got embarrassed about. My Gran was much amore of s firebrand than my Mum, Mum often did not vote, Gran would remind us that her generation had to fight fir the right, and I have only missed voting once in my life, a sudden holiday. All I can say is we shall all feel the pain of Brexit, some more than others but it will be worth it if it breaks up the United Kingdom.

    • Anonymous

      I was watching QT, I know I shouldn’t but I was having a cider at the time after work, and listening to the panel and the audience I just thought what a bloody mess. Everyone was blaming everyone else, the politicians were blaming the other politicians and all being economical with truth while very carefully not answering the bloody question. The audience was full of ignorance and anger at things they know very little about in many cases while sitting back in the luxury that they can spout while doing nothing to make themselves more informed, it was everyone else’s fault. That got me thinking, Liam Fox Tory was only sitting there because people put him there, the Labour MP the same. The Economist lady was supporting the free market in the knowledge that the politicians are too afraid to challenge it, the editor of the Canary was spouting left wing dogma and indignation while contributing little other than anger and blame, Nick Ferrari from LBC just spouted the same right wing rubbish he always has but made a couple of fair points. But all of this just got me thinking we put these people there either by voting for them or acknowledging their opinions, and the most worrying part was that they were sitting there because of our ignorance, we are all to blame for that. I don’t have the answers other than people need to get informed and bloody quickly before we end up back in the dark ages.

      Off topic but I am becoming more frustrated with the SNP everyday. I understand they can’t win either way but their sitting in the middle ground is making them easy to attack and a finger in the dam. They have got to get back to being clearly the independence party, they have got to acknowledge their mistakes, yeah they will get hammered but people can accept mistakes and apologies, like around the difficulties in education and police. They have to accept where it’s not working, and fix it, denying it makes them look like the rest and they just can’t look like the rest because that will kill independence stone dead. Sorry for the rant, one of those days, at least I have a week off work.

      Thanks for commenting.


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