This is what a Billion buys you

I work in the public sector, like thousands of others across Scotland. We are not well paid and we don’t have gold plated pensions, contrary to what the right wing yoon media say. We have also suffered as far as wage growth goes since 2008, while wages in the private sector have to an extent grown ours have not and we continue to be worse off year on year while the demand on services increases with less and less resources.

Today we saw the start of the DUP scumbag Tory deal in all its glory.

Inflation of 2.7% means that even if I get a 1% pay rise this year I continue to be worse off year on year, while my rent and all the other  bills increase by more than inflation.

I am not ashamed to say I am feeling it now, feeling the pinch. Every penny is a prisoner. Today’s vote should tell everyone what they need to know about this shitty Government supported by the shitty DUP. The fact that the Tories got some seats in Scotland should shame us, the fact that Scottish Labour and Liberal Democrats encouraged people to vote Conservative will be a stain that will live with us forever.

Of course those new stains, sorry Scottish Tory MPs stood up for Scottish Public Sector Workers, well maybe not.

There is a lot of need in Scotland, and the UK as a whole, it’s going to get worse. Thanks Tory and No voters, and of course those Westminster Tories in Scotland.



  1. billy

    i read the tories have 30 billion of leeway surely they could spare 4.5 billion i think is the amount for a pay rise
    to give the public sector a pay rise i wonder if the public sector promised to vote to keep the tories/may in power would they get a billion as a bribe sorry payrise

    • grumpyscottishman

      I don’t think they have any money for anything that doesn’t involve war, looking after the posh Royal Palaces, and keeping themselves in power. A disgusting party in partnership with other disgusting parties. As long as the Royals etc. are ok then everything is good in the world.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Helena Brown

    As a former low paid council worker/NHS also. I do feel your pain, and yes those gold plated pensions, must be brass cause mine is. I was one of the lucky ones, I was offered redundancy/ early retirement. I was also fortunate that I paid for my own pension rather than the married woman’s small stamp so I got my pension at 60.
    If only the 56 had seen sense Bruce, we would be independent today. You would not be working for buttons, and I would not have to contribute to food banks, something I never expected to see happen in good old Britain. I wonder if those Tory voting Labour voters thought if they had not done what they did, Corbyn might have won yesterday,
    Stupid stupid people, but still sorry for people like yourself suffering. I hate to say this but before this lot are done we will all but the super rich, be in much the same boat.
    Corbyn is as.much a.chocolate teapot. He would have got rid of opponents like Kezia otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      I must admit my salary is better than some but the days of savings are well and truly gone but the vast majority earn less than myself. Now I think everyone should get a pay rise in the public sector but when the politicians name teachers, fire service workers, police they know what they are doing. Most work full time and earn at least 30,000+ and that doesn’t sound so bad but the vast majority in the public sector are lucky if they earn 20,000 and those are the ones suffering the most. I read on twitter that the issue was raised in Holyrood today and the Tories laughed, sums it up exactly. Far too many are truly stupid about what the UK actually is and how it is run, when you see toothless Neanderthals in George Square wrapped in union jacks doing nazi signs you have to wonder what the hell is going on. I am genuinely ashamed that Scots voted Tory, my own son voted Tory because he doesn’t like the SNP, I said to him that is not a reason to vote Tory. He hates it when he hears me saying they are the scum of the earth, but while I love him to bits I will never ever accept any explanation for voting for those toilet stains. We don’t fall out over it and we get along great but he knows exactly how I feel, maybe if he had grown up like I did during Thatchers Britain he would feel differently, while I had little he had nearly everything he wanted, maybe thats the problem, people either don’t know or forget so quickly.

      Thanks for commenting.


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