Tories find the Money Tree

But we’ll call it a City Deal, that will shaft the Welsh and Jocks. The Tory Government have reached an agreement with the DUP today for their support in propping up the disgusting Tories in Westminster.

The cost to the rest of us is £1 Billion pounds over two years plus another half a billion already agreed. The so called city deal, the DUP are saying, will be spent on a host of things that might or might not actually qualify as a city deal.

Just last week the Governor General of Scotland, no not Ruth Davidson, David Mundell said, he was “not going to agree to anything that could be construed as back-door funding to Northern Ireland”. Mr Mundell told BBC Scotland: “I certainly won’t support funding which is deliberately sought to subvert the Barnett rules.”We have clear rules about funding of different parts of the United Kingdom. If the funding falls within Barnett consequentials, it should come to Scotland.”

Lets see how long it takes for the Guv Gen to backtrack as Theresa Mayhem has said this deal does not come under Barnett, what it does do is make Northern Ireland even more subsidised than the rest of the home nations, I suppose we can argue the right and wrongs of this, but it stinks. The DUP support things like stopping women from Northern Ireland being able to get abortions in England, are climate change deniers, have strong historical links with Loyalist paramilitary groups, and are basically like the Tories not very nice.

Tommy Shepherd, SNP MP, has said ” this is a sordid deal that should not stand. If it does then the government have abandoned the notion of allocating public funds on the basis of need”. He went on to say that ” if the Scottish Tories do not oppose this they will be exposed as people determined not to stand up for their constituents for the sake of their party which is clinging onto power by its fingernails”.

The First Minister tweeted

It does make you wonder though, in 2015 we had SNP bashing and jockophobia, in 2017 we had SNP bashing and jockophobia from all sides. Obviously a deal with the DUP is better than any deal ever with the dirty nationalists from the Tory playground that is called Scotland. Is Scotland the dirty word? Is a deal with Scotland the line in the sand the Tories won’t cross for fear it breaks their precious union? I’ll tell them a wee secret, this deal with the DUP just took it a step closer.



  1. billy

    when are we going to learn what english tories want they will get and sod scotland and wales extra billion bribe for the dup word it a certain way rest shafted tories still in power sorted

    • Anonymous

      That has always been the case and always will be, English MPs number something like 550 so they definitely get what they want no matter what anyone says really. The deal with the DUP stinks to be honest, not the money but the kind of party they are and the fact that the SNP MPs from Scotland are demonised and heckled while the Tories do a deal with this party. I don’t know if this deal will be enough to see them last 5 years but I do think that it will take the heat off of Theresa Mayhem for a little while and she will be confident that she can survive long term now.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Stan Wilson

    “1984” was a children’s book compared to the Machiavellian antics and strokes the Tory party come up with and get away with. Thought control police are not required.

    • Anonymous


      I think the Tories will do anything to stay in power, they see it as their right to govern. If Brexit gets really bad they could decide to leave the mess to someone else and then get back into power when the stink isn’t sticking to them. I think Mayhem is safe for a while, the press never really went after her and she will feel she has breathing space now. I am not so sure this deal will last 5 years but it might the 2 that they are talking about, stinks either way though.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Lanark

    So are the DUP and Northern Ireland subsidy junkies now? Haven’t heard that yet from the British nationalist press.

    • Anonymous


      I don’t think we are likely to. The whole thing is a joke and is being paid for by the continued pay cap on some of the lowest paid workers in the UK, although the Tv always talk about nurses, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, they are well paid compared to the cleaners and the bin men.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Stan Wilson

    Just read that the Public Sector employees motion for a pay increase put forward by Labour has been voted down by Scottish Tory MPs. No money tree for them. At least those voters who tactically voted in Tory spineless lapdogs can be pleased that their votes count for something, irrespective of what the end result is.

    • Anonymous


      I just blogged about it. It is disgusting. I work in the public and have lost around 20% of my salary since 2008. The media always talk about teachers and nurses etc but to be honest compared to the vast majority in the public sector they are well paid. It’s the bin men, the care workers, cleaners, dinner ladies who will hurt the most. It makes me sick to be honest, I hope the Tories and their voters are proud.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. George

    All you Tory voters out there must be really celebrating this week, you managed three victories which will aid in creating a more equal, just and cohesive society in this glorious union of ours:

    1. A 1.5 billion bung to the DUP to prop up your putrescent so-called government.
    2. An £8 million a year pay rise for Lizzie Windsor – I just don’t know how the poor woman was managing. Worth every penny for the inestimable good she does and the sacrifice she makes for the country.
    3. A continuation of the 1% cap on public sector pay. This also includes the armed forces, so please die for Tory ideals but don’t be expected to to be able to look after your families while you’re at it. Always remember we’ve Trident and aircraft carriers so can do without the lot of you.

    Remember all you Tories, this is what you wanted and this is what you voted for, so you can have no grounds for complaint whatever.

    Better watch myself, if Mayhem re-enacts the Sedition laws I’ll be doing 20 at hard in the Gulag.

    • Anonymous


      A lot us all will be once the Tories really get going. I heard on the good old BBC that the Queen costs all of us 65p a week each or some shit, he was saying how lucky we were, I wanted to jump through the tv and slap the man happy. What a total plank. This country is a joke and how so many can’t see it is beyond me, they are scumbags, what don’t they get. The Tories are for the rich and vested interest, they want to keep people poor, they want people unemployed to keep wages down, they want people ignorant so they can ensure their kind stay on top and the really sad bit, Labour under unionist Corbyn are not much better. I really despise the UK more than I can ever say without ending up in jail or something, this country is the toilet of the western world.

      Thanks for commenting.


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