We all know and understand that the Conservatives are the party of the rich and of vested interests but who funds them.

The Tories might be really shit at running the country but certainly very good at raising money. Now unless Munquins New Republic have given in to the begging letters he receives from the Tory Party it would be interesting to try to see who funds them as they are way ahead of the rest by sqillions of pounds.

From having a wee skiffy it appears that the Tories are mostly funded by bankers and hedge funds, many of the individuals involved have been elevated to the House of Lords, of course nothing untoward is going on there then. The Electoral Commission have reported that Wonga, a banker and two billionaire hedge fund managers head a list of Conservative donors in the final week before the general election donating £1.16m in the final full week of campaigning, is it any wonder that the Tory Party would rather hunt down benefit claimants than tax avoiders.

Now I have no love for the Labour Party, and there is a great deal of criticism about the funding they receive from the trades union movement, but it is clear that without it the Tories would just dwarf all parties in relation to raising money and they already do when it comes to the SNP, the Green party and the Liberal Democrats.

There have been arguments over the years about solely funding political parties via the public purse but when we are still buying nuclear weapons and giving tax cuts to the rich that is just not viable, plus most of the general public would have a fit anyway. We might however need to look at the rules again around disclosure and lobbying, because there is no way that anyone is telling me that those individuals are not influencing government, and I have no doubt the unions influence the Labour Party. Either way who really runs the country and who for, I don’t think it’s for the majority that’s for sure.




  1. Stan Wilson

    Why is there not an individual limit set on any donation, and donations can only be given by individuals and party members. All donations are collected and run by a public body and parties claim election expenses etc from the body, which is audited by relevant statute.

    • Bruce


      That is a really interesting idea but the parties would never go for it. I don’t suppose there is an easy solution but the current system is just open to abuse , I suppose it always has. The Tories though certainly pull in more than anyone else and there is no way that doesn’t have a cost.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Anonymous

    Sadly lib Dems failed to implement reform of donations by capping them in the coalition. The Tories blocked it and focused on trade unions instead.

    • Anonymous

      I could go along with capping, as I could pr, but sadly the Lib Dems never fought hard enough for them and when you look at the DUP deal today it just goes to show weak Nick Clegg was at the time.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Adalberto

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