To block or not to block?

So it appears, according to reports today, that Holyrood could block or at least hinder the Great Repeal Bill that will take the UK out of the European Union and repatriate a whole host of legislation back to Westminster.

David Mundell, Governor General of Scotland, back in January said he was working on the basis that MSPs in Holyrood would vote in a legislative consent motion (LCM) on the Great Repeal Bill, which will end the EU’s legal supremacy in the UK, as it would have an impact on devolved responsibilities.

He also warned that if consent was withheld at Holyrood it would have “very serious consequences”. A wee threat there me thinks, and what would those consequences be me asks.

SNP MSP Joe FitzPatrick told Holyrood the Repeal Bill would be “considered” and warned: “It will then be for the Scottish Parliament to determine whether to give or withhold consent.”

Reading the various articles and info online it seems unlikely that the Scottish Government would withhold consent as doing so would not hinder the passage of the bill either way or stop the UK or Scotland coming out of the EU. Why the Governor General David Mundell would have felt the need to issue a threat is anyone’s guess, maybe his cahonies were a bit low with the cold weather back in January.

Professor Aileen McHarg said the effect of MSPs refusing a motion would be that “the relevant aspects of the Bill would not extend to Scotland” — unless Westminster tries to override Holyrood.

The Strathclyde University academic said: “I doubt the Scottish Parliament would want to do that, as they’ll want to ensure continuity of effect for EU law as regards Scotland, which is the main purpose of the Repeal Bill. “They could enact their own version of the legislation for devolved matters, but I haven’t seen any suggestion the Scottish Government is considering that. “We’re really talking about ‘how’ the Repeal Bill affects Scotland, rather than ‘whether’ it does so.”

It appears that the idea of Scotland allegedly having a veto over the Brexit process could enrage Leave supporters and has the potential to spark a full-blown constitutional crisis. It would be funny but I just can’t see it.

Of course the yoon press are playing up the whole idea and stocking the fire of the yoons to get them all worked up, the SNP have of course said nothing of the kind but where does all this anger and hate come from.

What will be interesting will be if Westminster uses things like fisheries and agriculture as bargaining chips with the EU and therefore shaft Scottish interests big time, or if any responsibilities of these areas are devolved in the first place.

Personally I don’t think anything meaningful will be devolved to Scotland in any shape or form, but the crumbs that are will be portrayed as another Vow being met and all that shit.

Either way we will get shafted big time.

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2 Responses to To block or not to block?

  1. Stan Wilson says:

    Let’s not worry, the farmers and fishermen know for certain that the Tories will look after them before anything else. They were told their future’s were assured by Ruth Davidson, and that must be worth it’s weight in gold. Or is it??????

    • Anonymous says:

      They are going to get shafted big time in Scotland. No way the money they get now from the EU will be the same once we are out and I have no doubt that Davidson and the Governor General will have their excuses ready to go and of course they won’t find out the settlement until after the next general election. Look at the Tory manifesto now, every pledge dumped right after the election so elected on a false premise, this country makes me sick.

      Thanks for commenting.


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