Kezia Dugdale , Manager of Scottish Labour , has said today that Labour are ready to fight another election now.

Of course Kezia manages to turn this into an SNP bad and starts to make demands as she tends to do , as all the yoon parties tend to do.

Kezia goes on to say that of the SNP

There’s no concept of a progressive alliance for a number of reasons, not least that we don’t accept that the SNP are a progressive force,” Ms Dugdale said. “I expect them to back our plans to end austerity, because they constantly tell us they’re an anti-austerity party”. 

Bloody hell,  the arrogance of Scottish Labour is unreal. Scottish Labour gained seats in the GE despite Kezia Dugdale, she encouraged Labour voters to vote Conservative as her hatred of the SNP runs so deep she wanted the Tories to win seats in Scotland, and the result was she probably cost Labour a chance to get the Tories out in the UK as a whole.

Labour in England might have stolen the SNPs clothes to move back to the centre left but Scottish Labour are firmly entrenched in the right. What is really galling is that people like Kezia Dugdale, and Willie Rennie of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, would rather hate the SNP than hate the Tories and what they are doing to Scotland.

They would rather prop up the Tories than do the right thing. They would rather Scotland stay a colony than step back into the world. They are as bad as the people who signed away Scotlands independence in 1707.

Kezia Dugdale is a disgrace and I would rather have never ending diarrhea than ever vote for Scottish Labour.



  1. 100%YES

    I like it when you get English Labour party saying we’re going to put a queens speech forward and let the SNP vote it down, when all the SNP have to do is abstain. All my life I have never voted for the RED/BLUE TORY and will never start now, there priorities are both the same England FIRST SECOND AND THIRD and any other nation an after though. So basically what i am saying is Scotland needs to be free.

    • grumpyscottishman

      When I read it I just thought “how arrogant are you”, she is both no use and in the wrong party. The SNP can’t win, abstain it’s their fault, vote for it’s their fault, and vote against and it’s Labour told you so SNP have no bottle so back Labour. I voted Labour the very first time I ever voted, before Holyrood and for Kinnock as I just could not vote Thatcher. I never ever voted for them again once I started to understand what they stood for, unionists through and through.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bjsalba

    Bought and Sold for English Gold.

    Be interesting to see who donated to the joint Tory/Labour/LibDem Campaign, and who co-ordinated it.

    Was it someone in London? Who is the head honcho campaign guy for the Tories that wasn’t working on the English/Welsh side?

    • grumpyscottishman

      A lot of truth in that statement, why in your right mind would you not want your country to govern itself, unless of course you don’t view Scotland as a country. She is so useless it’s unreal but totally a Tory in red, not a nice individual and like Rennie and Davidson, only has her own interests at heart. Totally agree with the donations thing, Tories still fighting tooth and nail to keep the £400,000 secret.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Lanark

    I hope our journey reaches independence soon. But whatever happens, I will never vote for these bunch of chancers again.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree, it can’t come soon enough. I will never vote for a non-yes party. I will stick with the SNP/Green then shift to Green when we are independent as they are the party closest to what I believe now in my middle age. I just want to live in a decent country.

      Thanks for commenting.


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