Blind leading the Blind

This is todays headline in possibly the worst Newspaper in the UK.

For my sins, which there are no doubt many, I decided to have a troll through their online stuff and found the following stories as well as the one above. Here are some of the contradictory stories regarding the so called Brexit.

Sweden BEGS UK to remain in single market to make Brexit CHEAPER for EU member states.
‘Theresa May has been CLEAR!’ There’s NO possibility of soft Brexit, JPMorgan chief.
Angela Merkel backtrack? Chancellor vows for ‘good agreement’ between UK and EU for Brexit.
EU sticks the boot in: Top eurocrat shares cartoon mocking Britain’s readiness for Brexit.
‘We’re planning for Brexit talks to fail’ Former EU chief says good chance UK WON’T leave.

How bad can this paper get, one page says UK will get a good deal the next it won’t. Then they love us so much they will beg us to stay as Theresa Mayhem tells a New York Banker she wants a so called hard Brexit. The EU are being rude about the UK leaving while secretly they are planning for the UK staying. On top of all of that we have sent David Davis to negotiate, really.

It’s bad enough that people buy this paper at all but at the very least they could try to make at least one thing make sense to the poor souls who spend money on this shit. No wonder so many people voted leave when the arguments for and against are so poor it beggars belief, I’m not a conspiracy theorist in any way, but you do have to wonder if the agenda in the UK , from the parties that tend to form the government, is to keep the majority thick and blind.

If this paper is anything to go by get prepared for the stone age for the majority of us and paradise for the few, what a joke of a country we live in and call the UK, governed by assholes.



  1. Stan Wilson

    Is there anyone down south who is capable of rational thought? If so please knock at the door of 10 Downing Street and ascertain if they left a light on, as there appears to be no one in.

    • Anonymous

      I know, you just wonder don’t you. I was reading some comments on the BBC today regarding Davis giving in yesterday and the ignorance beggars belief it really does.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • 100%YES

        He could have saved a fortune by sending a letter we agree to your brexit plan, what must the Gibraltar be thinking when it come to Spain having the final say, Yes you can have Gibraltar but the monkey’s belong to UK. David Davis said we have made progress, it was like he laid down on ground and let some guy kick the shit of of him.

        • Anonymous

          I think this was just the acknowledgement that no negotiations will take place until the bill has been agreed, something Mayhem said would not happen at the start so I think that is where the cave in came into being. Either way it will be a disaster for Scotland.

          Thanks for commenting.

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