The YOONS are allowed out for the day

BBC Scotland in all it’s unbiased and impartial wisdom have opened the comments page in relation to the First Ministers recent statement and tweets regarding the way ahead for the SNP and the independence debate.

Here are a few of my favorites in the Indy is dead, no means no, you lost and you have no mandate yoonionist walking blind brigade. 

                            Posted by robin 

Let Sturgeon ramble on. She does more to increase the support for the union than any unionist ever could and the numbers reflect that. An independent Scotland with a £15 billion budget deficit, no austerity, free tuition, prescriptions, lucrative pension, free this, free that, free the next thing? We’re not that stupid. (Yes Robin it would appear you are ).

                           Posted by Haggis Muncher 

She will “take decisions in the best interests of Scotland, and not just her party” – can anyone point even to one occasion when the SNP has ever done that? Everything they do is geared towards the only thing that gets them up in the morning i.e. independence. Everything else just fills in time. Listen to the voters, not SNP members-that’s where you’ll get your answer, ‘though you won’t like it! (oh dear Haggis, smacks of the Life of Brian What did the Romans ever do for us?, ignorance is obviously bliss for this yoon).

                           Posted by No2Nationalism on 1 hour ago

In my opinion, this fool of a woman should be impeached. Everything that matters in Scotland is going to the dogs after 10 years of gross mismanagement under the SNP.

She’s like an embittered spouse, demanding the family home as a divorce settlement and is quite prepared to tear off the roof, knock down all the walls & rip up the floorboards even though she’s been told NO.

She will not win (No means No, I think wee Ruthie wrote this one).

                         Posted by time for change on 1 hour ago

Correct me if I am wrong but she said she was going to set out her plans after Brexit – Still waiting . Then she said she would set out her plans after hearing about the GE2017 – Still waiting . Now she’s going to set out her plans again shortly – The only thing she believes should be a generation is the time it takes to come up with something cohesive. She’s making a mockery of us ! (correct me if I am wrong but Brexit hasn’t happened yet, the make up of Westminster hasn’t happened yet, this guy must have a time machine).

Jollybeggar on 3 minutes ago

Sturgeon is a disgrace, she needs to go. Utterly incompetent. (we might all be beggars soon if the yoons have their way).

Just a few treats, honestly go and have a wee look and a laugh. I had to leave a wee post to wind them up even more as they hate it when people comment back on their theme which is basically too wee, too poor, too stupid.

You on 23 minutes ago

BBC don’t often open up comments and this is one of those days I wish they hadn’t. This theme is an ignorant too wee too poor too stupid hate fest of Scotland and the SNP, heaven help us all if the SNP do lose power in Scotland. We will be left with the demented ramblings of the yoons.






  1. billy

    britain is a made up construct to serve the english country which feeds of the wealth of the other home nations the question we should be asking is what are the english so afraid of?
    is it because they are afraid of going it alone without the home nations providing constant support financial and moral or is it they know they cannot afford to be independent without us?

  2. Anonymous


    I just don’t think England look at things that way, politicians maybe but not normal people. England is the most pro UK part of the country. I think the politicians are afraid of their diminished status if the UK was to split. They would lose face and would become even more irrelevant on the world stage than they are now.

    Thanks for commenting.


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