That is the percentage of eligible voters who bothered to vote in the General Election last week. The highest since 1997.

The turnout in Scotland was 66.4%, down from 71.1% in 2015. This means that 33.6% could not be bothered, nearly a third. Not good at all really, eps given the Tories remain in power, for the time being anyway. 

The SNP got 36.9%, the Tory Party 28.6%, Scottish Labour 27.1%, Scottish Liberal Democrats 6.8% and the Scottish Greens 0.2%. 

Does this open the debate again on compulsory voting? I’m not really for it but would like to see a none of the above on the ballot. What it does do though is mean that some people, a lot of people, don’t care and that is very sad, especially when the UK is faced with a Conservative and DUP Government, can it get much worse. 

Many are saying that the Government can’t last, probably so and another General Election could be on the cards before the end of the year. The Tories will have to put forward a Queens speech and I hope that all of the opposition parties vote against, you never know some Tories might vote against, probably not. 

When you look at the vote across the UK it’s a shambles. We really are a disunited so called union now and for me independence remains the only answer, but we need people to vote. It’s still hard to take that people voting Tory in Scotland allowed that disgusting Party to remain in power for now. If more people cared, or elections weren’t pretty much a manifesto of despair, maybe more would vote. Jeremy Corbyn got some out to vote, that has to be good. 

68.7% is maybe the best in a while but we need to make it better. We need to understand why people do not vote, we need to look at the method of voting. Could we not look at on line voting, there are currently 10 countries using the system. Is that the answer to low turn out. I do know this though, people need to vote. Obviously I would hope it isn’t for horrible parties like the Conservatives but even if it were voting is important and more people need to do it. 



  1. greig12

    Was there a debate on compulsory voting? What a stupid, revolting concept. Hey you it’s a democracy so do what your told or else! Is it the first reaction of people when they don’t agree with something to force people to do what they think they should be doing?

    If the idiots who advocate this sort of shit finally win then we are truly lost. It’s a democracy, people have the right to choose whether they get off their lazy arses or not because it’s their lazy arse. Their lazy arse which belongs to them and not to some sanctimonious git whose decided for them what democracy means.

    Ridiculous, not that I agree with the stay at homers but I respect their democratic right to be lazy bastards. Anyway who’s to say that they wouldn’t vote Tory.

    • Anonymous


      I heard it being discussed and it has been discussed before. I know the unions are for it for ballots to increase participation. I’m not convinced so put it out there within the context of last week. I would like to see a none of the above, I would also like to see greater effort made to try and get people to vote. We need to at least try to understand why people don’t. I have often said the politicians would brick it if everyone voted but a third not voting is not good, esp in the current climate where it appears the debate is to a degree between neoliberal ideas and the left the world over. Wonder what others think.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. mearnsgeek

    I always find it hard to decide if compulsory voting is a good thing or not but on balance I’m inclined to be for it.

    1) something like jury service is seen as a civic duty. Why is voting not seen in that sense – forming a government to represent us is just as important

    2) different groups vote more than other groups. Surely that just creates an skewed situation that only encourages less involvement because of the “whats the point” problem?

    3) non-compulsory voting is more open to manipulation. It wouldn’t stop gerrymandering but look at the mess in the US just now over attempts at voter suppression. Would we really want that happening here?

    Generally I’m of the “it’s their choice” school of thought but on something this important, no.

    Purely random or spoilt ballots wouldn’t affect a result in any significant way if someone truly didn’t care and even if someone only cared just enough to sway a decision one way, that’s still a more true representation of what our government should be like.

    • Anonymous

      I am not sure if it’s a good thing or not to be honest, there is a part of me that thinks not voting is a protest in and of itself but if people are too lazy that is something else. I would like to see some more understanding of the reasons why people don’t bother to vote but then the politicians would probably have a fit if everyone did. There are no easy solutions but when you look at the mess of the last two elections more people really do need to take an interest.

      Thanks for commenting.


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