Taking Stock

Sometimes things are better in the cold light of day, today is that day for some of us as the result of the General Election sinks in. There were no real winners yesterday, not really. Scotland appears to have found its level, the Tories didn’t win, they are now in coalition with possibly the only party in the UK more disgusting than UKIP, that will come back to haunt them. Labour could have won if many in their party hadn’t been actually campaigning against their own leader here in Scotland and UK wide. The SNP have suffered a set back, but we mustn’t forget, as Peter Bell at Scoop It says, the SNP did actually win the election in Scotland, it just doesn’t feel like that when they have lost people like George Kerevan, Angus Robertson and Alex Salmond. A comment on my last blog really makes sense in so many ways though in the cold light of day ,


Thing is the SNP need to put the lid on independence and any referendum for the foreseeable future, with 60% of the Scottish electorate again the idea, bit of a dead duck. Don’t get me wrong I want an independent Scottish republic within Europe, nothing less. However realpolitik dictates a move in another, not dissimilar, direction. The SNP should forget about trying to come to any kind of working relationship with the Holyrood opposition parties, they’ve tasted blood so will refuse any approach. Would it not be better to negotiate with the Parliamentary (Westminster) Labour Party for Home Rule, it was their idea. That gives everything except defence and foreign affairs. Corbyn is probably well against Trident renewal, the SNP can support him in that and with the fatally weakened Tories, unlikely they’ll get any offensive operations plans through Westminster. As for foreign affairs, Brexit kills it, if Brexit fails then situation normal. Work needs to be done here to win back votes from the fishing and agricultural interests, the map is blue where Scotland is strongest in both of these.

I don’t agree with the foreseeable future part regarding the next referendum but George is correct in a lot of what he says and his ideas are sound. I just think that we probably need to wait and see the result of Brexit. Davidson has put a lot of stock in the deal that Scotland will get, esp the Fisherman on the East Coast who resoundingly appear to have backed the Tories, as did their communities. They will be sold down the river in the Brexit negotiations as the EU will accept nothing less than access to Scottish Fishing Waters, lets see how they feel when that happens. The yoons do smell blood right now in relation to the SNP and the wider YES movement, let them, the numbers for YES have held up well since 2014 and we are going nowhere. Some might have went back to Scottish Labour and some to the disgusting Conservative and Yoonionist Party, but we remain strong and need to just keep our powder dry to use terms that Ruth Davidson would like.

I believe the SNP need to re-group, re-think, work on the domestic front and try to figure out a way around the fiscal trap that was the Smith Commission, I still believe that it should have been rejected outright, the agreement, that will run out in 5 years, could see Scotland really punished financially. However, the SNP should just concentrate on that, get our services into a place where once independence comes they are ready on day one to cope, what ever that takes. The party, I think, should also take the pressure off of Nicola Sturgeon, the media have turned her into a hate figure for the ignorant, time to let Nicola Sturgeon be First Minister and others in the party need to take on some of the constitutional slack. We may have lost some good MPs but we haven’t lost them, there is your planning inner circle for the next referendum, they are there. Give them time to rest, to re-charge then let them loose and they will take the yoons on with good ideas and good policy.

As far as the yoonionists are concerned we really can sit back a little and let them destroy themselves, but we can’t be complacent, re-group, re-think, get back on the horse and get ready. But Theresa May is not going to last, as I have said they now depend on a disgusting party for power, that can’t last. The Scottish Lib Dems might have gotten 3 seats but they are irrelevant to say the least, they just don’t matter. Scottish Labour might recover but there might be a clear out now and the Blairites like Dugdale, Murray might be on borrowed time and the left of the party, you know real Labour members, not the Tory ones, can be brought around in some ways and most are anti-tory. UKip are finished and Ruth Davidson is a disaster walking, it really is only a matter of time when she does something really disgusting, her over confidence and complacency will be her un-doing. Lets also not forget they are still Tories, they will act like Tories, they will govern like Tories and they will punish like Tories, some in Scotland might have forgotten but they are about to get a reminder.

It feels bad today but it might have been exactly what the YES movement needed, we have been given a reminder of the battle that we are involved in against one of the most organised and disgusting political machines the world has ever seen, the masters at sucking the hope out of countries the world over. No, this isn’t over, we got a bloody nose but you know what, the bleeding stops, you learn from the experience and you get back up. I’m 100%YES, and I’m even more determined today than I have ever been.



  1. 100%YES

    Scotland saved the Conservative and unionist party from defeat, oops sorry I made a mistake Aberdeenshire and the Scottish borders and Edinburgh. I personally hope that when Scotland becomes Independent the Edinburgh will no longer be the Capital of Scotland and I cant wait for the Oil to run out. Who in Scotland can say that the OIL has ever help them other than them that stay in Aberdeen.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Traditional Tory scumbag areas returning to the fold, says all you need to know about those areas of the country. I have always found the North East an arrogant place in many ways being from Dundee, the downturn in oil was and is awful, but I remember watching the documentary about the struggles people were having and they were demanding action from Holyrood, not Westminster, Holyrood. Many had lost their jobs, but there was a part of me that thought, you are living in a £400,000 house, you’re driving a £50,000 car, you earned £100,000 a year and you didn’t put anything away. It just beggared belief and on the show some talked about voting Tory because the SNP had let them down, what the f. I agree with you on Oil, it helped Aberdeen, Shetland, while propping up disgusting Tory policy of tax cuts for the rich. What did the rest of us ever get out of it. I am more inclined in an independent Scotland to work to get to as little oil drilling as possible, only for essentials and state owned.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Sianna MacDonald

    I believe “putting a lid on independence” would be a huge mistake. Pick a poll to believe, re support for it, and you can choose for or against. I’m for. Speaking for myself and close friends, also for, if the SNP ignore the longing for independence they will, in the end, lose supporters. Don’t forget this is a party formed with the very goal of independence in mind and sight. If they choose to be simply another political party within the greater UK political sphere, I feel many members will feel they have been abandoned and act accordingly.

    • TheStrach

      Very much agree. Independence is the SNP’s raison d’etre. Without it they might as well disband. That of course is not going to happen. We actually won this GE in Scotland by a landslide even though it doesn’t feel like it at the moment.

      Nicola definitely needs a rest and the other big beasts in the party should take the strain now they are not elected MPs. I like the two pronged approach of a team to run Scotland and another, ideally multi-party team, to take forward independence as a concept and sell it to Scotland.

      We also need to enthuse our supporters again and get them out to campaign and to vote.

      We’ll never get anywhere with the BBC and other MSM. We have a good social media presence but we could do much better. Some have talked about developing a web-based TV station to counter the lises and propaganda from the MSM. We should definitely explore that option.

      When I look at the shambles in Westminster I know it’s only a matter of time until we can break free.

      • grumpyscottishman


        Please see my comment below to Sianna, just the ideas I have. Not perfect and certainly not the best way to go no doubt but a start to the discussion we need to be having.

        Thanks for commenting.


    • grumpyscottishman

      For me it’s not so much putting a lid on it rather than re-grouping and re-thinking the approach. I think whatever happens we have to wait until after Brexit and see where the land lays. Brexit will be bad for Scotland, I was hoping for a common market type deal, that is actually what I think the EU should be anyway, but that won’t happen and the Tories are inept. They are also stupid enough to protect London, the South East, North of England and sell everyone else down the river, in particular the fisherman who have returned to the Tory fold. Scotland will get a bad deal, it’s sad but I expect little else, so we keep the powder dry. We work on our organisation, we separate YES from the SNP in a way. YES needs to take the lead, that will require political support from the SNP and maybe even money, but the SNP get on with governing well and the politics of it, YES takes on the campaigning and the media. But that will require structure and we don’t have that, we need to sort out and agree our economic argument. In 2014 keeping the pound was a mistake, the logical choice I get that but a mistake. Keeping the unelected head of state was a mistake, I argued against keeping both although the head of state issue is less important. We needed to show why independence was different and we couldn’t and the yoons knew it so played on the weakness of our argument while promoting fear, because of the weakness of our argument. I don’t want to be in that position again, we know that Better Together lied, and many of their arguments are dead in the water now but we have to be able to take advantage of that and right now we can’t. They took Brexit which the SNP saw as an opportunity, and turned it into Better Together FEAR, they played us again with the help of the media, we can’t let that happen again. We have to win the next time and we might have a better chance given the circumstances we might find, but we have got to be ready. So as George implies, we lower the tone, we work in the background, we speak sadly to Labour, but we get ready and when the time is right we shove it right up them.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • grumpyscottishman

      We all have to keep having these discussions on blogs, it is an important part of the debate as we always learn and our arguments get honed and better, we need to play their game to a degree and when we get better, learn more, nothing is going to stop us and hell mend the yoons.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Lanark

    There is definitely something odd with a lot of people in the north east. Living in Dumfries and Galloway it can be rare to hear a Scottish voice in many places here. Now I am not anti English at all but it is only realistic to accept that most of these people will vote to maintain the union. (not all I must add, I know a few enthusiastic English Yessers). The Borders has the same situation as here.

    Wtf goes on in Orkney and Shetland? Has most of the 20th century passed them by? They seem to think that Mr Lloyd George is doing a fine job and that young Mr Grimond is a jolly good chap. Stop voting LibDem like the night of the living dead!

    • grumpyscottishman

      The borders is a tough one due to the locations as you said but the Islands, I don’t get it. I can understand supporting a Liberal agenda, and liberalism, as there is a lot to like but not the Scottish Liberal Democrats who are just Tory light in so many ways and apologists for the union. Similar to Aberdeen, they benefitted hugely from oil, the rest of us didn’t, they didn’t save for the rainy day and when that day came, when Westminster said thanks for all your oil but it doesn’t deliver now so f y , who do they blame, Holyrood. I don’t get it either.

      Thanks for commenting.


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