Never trust a Tory Part 632

I forgot the Scottish Leaders debate was on last night so have been doing a little catching up on the Nicola Sturgeon and Kezia Dugdale non revelation. Apparently Kezia Dugdale said in a telephone conversation with the First Minister that she could support another referendum as a result of the Brexit vote.

Now not really news as Kezia Dugdale flips, flops, spins and summersaults on most policies anyway. No, what caught my eye was this tweet from Ruth ‘ I was in the military ‘ Davidson.

Ruth Davidson, in the now deleted tweet, is basically saying that she records all her calls with the First Minister, now I’m not surprised, but I am surprised she would admit it. The yoon Tory press are playing this as a huge mistake by Kezia Dugdale but if this tweet gets out there the damage is to Ruth Davidson.

We know we cannot, and should never , trust a Tory and this just highlights the need for us all to understand what the nasty party are like . Nothing is confidential, obviously, with this bunch. There will be times when a First Minister will feel the need to talk to opposition leaders, could be an emergency or an urgent debate, why would you call Ruth Davidson now. I would have to think long and hard if it were me and Nicola Sturgeon might now feel the need to record her own calls to any Tories.

What a world we live in, I don’t think Nicola Sturgeon should have disclosed the contents of the telephone call to Kezia Dugdale but Ruth Davidson has highlighted how utterly bereft of decency our politics has become.



  1. trispw

    It was suggested that Rape Clause removed the Tweet on legal advice, given that it is illegal to tape a phone conversation without giving the caller due notification. (Calls are monitored for staff training etc).

    Unless Dugdale asked the FM not to ever share the information, I can’t see that Nicola was wrong to do so.

    And if she said, “don’t tell anyone but…” then she’s even cookier than I thought she was.

    Her position on almost everything seems to be “whatever Jeremy ISN’T saying is what I think”.

    Ruth seems to me to be a thoroughly nasty individual…a thug. Dugdale is just a pathetic soul utterly out of her depth in everything she does.

    • Bruce

      I must admit that I think that it was wrong to say it, maybe not illegal etc but I think it was a mistake by Nicola. Davidson is just a disgusting individual in every way.

      Be an interesting night tonight.

      Thanks for commenting.


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