I love the smell of fear in the morning

The English Press, well the tax haven press, have went into overdrive this morning as we enter the last days of what might well be a close election. 

The old story of Corbyn, and some in the Labour Party, being terrorist sympathisers is pathetically being replayed in all its glory. 

Most of the papers are going with the story to try to cover up the absolute failure of Theresa May and the Tories on security. 20,000 Police Officers gone in England is a disgrace, and just imagine the press if this had been the case in Scotland. Shit, a Police Officer retires in Scotland and it’s reported as an SNP failure. 

The Tories are bricking it, the election could be very close. Get out and vote tomorrow, in Scotland vote SNP and in England vote Labour. Let’s make sure the Tories and their disgusting leaders like May and Davidson have a really shitty day. 



  1. bjsalba

    Personally, I wouyld have to question why these rags are classified as newspapers. Where is the news? I see none.

    • Anonymous

      Desperation if you ask me, they know that it might be close but you never know once people enter the polling booth and then lie if they are willing to answer who they voted for, there is a lot of shame in voting Tory. I know people who voted no in the referendum 2014 and still won’t admit it to the wider public. They will really go for it tomorrow morning.

      Thanks for commenting.


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