Final Predictions

Ok now we are only days away from the Election I am going to go for:

SNP 46

Tories 8

Lib Dems 3

Labour 2 

A Lib Dem friend, who will remain nameless, but he is blond, might be a referee and supports Doondee United has it as:

SNP 48

Tories 6

Lib Dems 4 

Labour 1

Sadly we might see the return of Tories to Westminster like Jo Swinson of the Lib Dems and any blue Tories is a bad thing either way. 

What are your predictions? 



  1. Stan Wilson

    No prediction from me, I live in eternal optimism that Scots who are worried about, Scotland, our country, are not so blind as to vote for such a Dickensian manifesto as proposed by the Tory party.
    Ruth Davidson has spent all her campaign avoiding the policy issues proposed by her party in London, her only contribution has been to denigrate the democratic purpose and sovereignty of the Scottish Government. Voters who approve of this denial of democracy by a branch leader should not expect any less from the actual main party in London. Please don’t cry wolf when all your possessions, pensions, savings, free prescription and freedom of speech slowly disappear.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I agree, I usually am so far off the mark I rarely say my predictions in public. UK wide the Tories will edge it but hopefully with no majority. That puts both them and May under pressure, if it’s a hung parliament the Tories will back stab her in the back very quickly. Davidson, Rennie and Dugdale are just disgusting politicians to my mind. Any body that openly campaigns against what’s best for Scotland deserves our contempt, I hope they all lose badly. Even if the SNP win 58 seats it will be seen as a defeat but hopefully Thursday will be a good day for the indy movement.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous

      50 would be great but I would be surprised to be honest given the polls to date. Anything about 40 is still amazing if you think that 3 years ago the SNP had 6 seats.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. George

    Fascist win, total Westminster opposition too weak and too interested in their party lines to do anything about them. Never mind Brexit, what about Britmo?

    • Anonymous

      I think you’ re right that a win for the Tories is a fascist as good as win. What is Britmo?

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. 100%YES

    If the Tory party emerge as the biggest party tomorrow the SNP and 45% will become the British state enemy number ONE. We will be heading for a hard brexit and the only part of the population that will suffer is the low incomes and the disabled. The DUP and the Tories will never allow an Independent Scotland both these parties idea of cruelty no decent person could understand. It goes beyond believe that any one who calls themselves a christian and is happy to allow her citizen live on the streets or go to food banks that inst a society I would ever want to be part of and certainly would never vote for it and the people that do I hope Brexit brings the disaster you deserve.

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