I despise the Tories

The word hate is a horrible word, no if’s, buts, or doubts about it, but I am close to hating the Tories,  and have zero sympathy for anyone who would ever vote for them.

The Tory party is set up to protect the rich, and the powerful. They see power as their birth right, and they see you and I as servants to be led.

The current  bunch of Tories are by far the worst I have seen in my lifetime so far. Thatcher was a nightmare, but even she would not have entertained the ultra right wing ideology of the current vacuous bunch of Tories right now.

The Party of hate have made hate acceptable, and angry people are coming out of the shadows, they have opened Pandora’s box . Just watch the episode of QT this week and the number of angry, mainly old white English men, wanting to nuke the world in the name of Queen and country. The poor,vulnerable and foreigners are now the enemy.

While the richest have gotten richer the poor have gotten poorer but the narrative remains that the richest pay the most, but the poor pay more.

Those same angry white men we see week in week out on BBC Question Time, and too many others, believe the shit spread by the likes of Theresa May and Ruth Davidson and are willing to vote for them when the reality of life in the UK is very different for the majority.

We are told they are the only party who can manage the economy, what they are doing is lieing to you as they rack up debt to give to the rich like they did with so called quantitative easing , as Wings pointed out, the real money tree, your money.

The Tory Party promote hate and division at every turn, they want you to hate the poor, they want you to hate foreigners, and they want you to turn on your brother if they don’t agree with what they agree with.

The recent attacks in England have been horrific and electioneering has stopped,but it hasn’t stopped the Tories and their friends in the media attacking Jeremy Corbyn at every turn.

When the reality is very different and never reported.

In Scotland we are told of a Tory resurgence and a rejection of independence, but again what isn’t reported by the right wing bluekippers in our so called media is that Ruth Davidson is even less popular that Margaret Thatcher ever was, but when the SNP win an overall majority of seats next week in the general election this will be of course reported as a defeat if the Tories manage to get just one additional seat.

I despise the Tories, I despise everything they stand for and you should too. If you are a decent person who actually cares for Scotland, and for those less fortunate than yourself, then vote for the SNP, any other vote is a Tory vote and you will reap what you sow, the really sad part is we will reap what you sow as well.

The Tories are the f scum of the earth, I really do despise them.



    • grumpyscottishman

      I despise everything they stand for bordering on hate, they are the scum of the earth and people will still vote for them in Scotland. Says all you need to know about their supporters.

      Thanks for commenting.

  1. greig12

    I was discussing voting options for the forthcoming general election with my wife tonight and we decided to give them more descriptive names. Here they are in no particular order.

    The Anti-Independence Lying Scum and Greedy Bastards Party
    The Anti-independence Lying Scum and Pretend We’re Not But We Really Are Greedy Bastards Party.
    The Anti-Independence, Will Suck Up To Anybody Who’ll Give Us Power So Fuck Our Principles Party.
    The Let’s Blame Anyone Weaker Than Us For our Sad and Shitty Lives Cos We’re Extremely Stupid party.
    The Pro-Independence Do As Promised, Mitigate Austerity Cuts And Keep Our Integrity Party

    I’ll leave you to work out who’s who if you can be bothered. I wonder which one of them my wife and I will end up voting for?

  2. grumpyscottishman

    1: Tories
    2. Scottish Labour
    3. Scottish Lib Dems
    4. Ukip or Tory Light Party
    5. SNP

    I think I’ll vote for 5 thanks. The rest are bunch of assholes.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. East Neuker

    You’re absolutely right Bruce. The situation is is compounded in Scotland by the clear fact that MSM, especially the BBC, let the horrible Ruth Davidson away with distortions and outright lies without challenge while briefing against the Scottish Government endlessly.

    I have actually said to some Tory voters of my acquaintance that, if they are not deluded, and know the simple facts about disability, poverty, benefits, tax and many other issues, yet still vote Tory, then they are despicable. Needless to say this does not go down well, but I’m past caring.

    We will see this week how the land lies in Scotland, and just how well the fascists have got their act together. Whatever happens, the media will spin it as an anti independence victory.

    The fight goes on.

    • Anonymous

      East Neuker

      I have very little sympathy for anyone voting Tory, either out of ignorance, get the information and make a bloody effort to learn. Those who decide to vote Tory knowing what they are voting for have no shame. The media are complicit in all of this is just reporting Tory lies and not challenging. They are a huge part of the problem but social media is helping. Overall though the Tories are scum and I hope they have a really bad time next week, esp Davidson who is absolutely vacuous.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. 100%YES

    Naw I despise the Tories more than anyone and I can prove it Ive, voted for a RedTory in England now beat that. I think the worst thing I ever hear is (am a Scot and I vote Tory to protect Scotland from the SNP) or (I vote Tory to protect Scotland interest), (Scotland stronger in the Union) now that a f*cking corker.

    • Anonymous

      They are scum end of. I would vote tactically if I had to to keep them out. We must do everything we can to ensure they are as weak as we can make them. They are a hateful bunch of toilet scum.

      Thanks for commenting.

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