Independence and the Yoons

Today 17,000 peaceful supporters of independence marched in Glasgow in support of Scottish Independence. 

This has upset some of the yoons and one comment in particular seemed to be inciting a civil war in Scotland should we decide to take back our sovereignty. 

To be honest I’m surprised this guy is a higher tax payer, his word construction is worse than mine, but given the comment I suspect a knuckle dragger at work. 

We know that Scottish Labour and the Scottish Lib Dems will even encourage their members to vote Tory rather than contemplate the idea of Scotland actually being a country again. 

But we also know that there are some within the yoons who will resort to violence and intimidation:

We have to be ready and prepared for the next referendum, we also need to make sure we don’t campaign alone at any point because there are yoons out there who believe the language of the likes of Ruth Davidson:

We know the British State and the Tories, supported by the likes of Kezia Dugdale and Willie Rennie, are a nasty bunch and they have the right wing media scumbags on their side so we also need to be prepared for the actions their violent rhetoric might bring about. 

Every time there is a peaceful and democratic march in support of an independent Scotland we are also reminded of the disgusting and horrid underbelly of the yoonionist movement. 



  1. 100%YES

    The rich happy to see the lower classes going to food banks even beyond the grave Maggie got her way, i suppose she didn’t expect Scotland to ever have a voice or a party to stand up for Scotland like the SNP has. The Queens servant’s are displeased and why not, us Scots are looking to take back our Identity and our country and the problem is they know we can make a go of it and make it a success. The Scots have more in common Scandinavian country’s then we ever did with England they are just a Waring nation give them back there Nukes so they can point them at who ever like there just itching to make a first strike, I suppose then they can say followed America. It’s not the fear of losing something its the fear of Scotland making a success of it and I say bring it on.

    • Anonymous


      I think you’re spot on that they are afraid of Scotland becoming a huge success although when we are independent they will do their best to make it tough. They will also asset strip as quickly as they can once they see it’s inevitable. What got me was the fact that yoons can pretty much say what they want and nothing happens, if that had been said by certain other people the Police would be all over it but because they are yoons it’s ok. I hate the UK I really do. I see this morning there has been another horrible attack in London, there is no excusing that but the angry white men on question time who want to nuke the world don’t help, we have got to get away from England as fast as we can, it is becoming a right wing nightmare. We cannot go down their path but we better get ready because there are people out there who will resort to violence.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Helena Brown

    Strange how our side is always portrayed as the violent side, yoons can do almost everything and nothing is said. It harks back to the post of yesterday, control.
    They are constructing a scenario for the stupid, sorry but they are. The non political who can be led by the nose any where. Husband saw the man from Dunfermline on the BBC who was either an ardent reader of the FM or Excess , who claimed he had voted for the SNP and Independence but was now voting Tory or he was as we thought a normal BBC plant. If he was.the latter, heaven help him, I will not. If the SNP are doing a bad job, the Tories are doing a terrible job in England unless you are a billionaire.

    • Anonymous

      I think the current Tories play to hate and racism that even in Scotland we are not immune from. The current Tory Party have emboldened the nutters who believe it is safe to come out now as their disgusting views are sadly now the norm in government and down south. We need to be ready, the next referendum is going to be dirty and some yoons will resort to violence. They want the yes movement to fight back k owing it will all be yes fault but at some point they will push some one too far and get their wish and it will be all over the right wing racist press. This will be ramped up big time now after the events in London last night. Absolutely disgusting but there is a part of me that see things like this as an inevitable consequence of the disgusting right toilet roll press and the right wing Tories. Why is Davidson Fratricide comment not replayed everyday, I would be doing it if I could. I hate the UK and it’s time we get as far away as we can from Englands journey, they are going down a hate filled right wing nightmare, supported by the Tories and other Tories of all colours in scotland, we have got to get out.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. trispw

    The thing is, Ruth’s troops are starting to make the UK look like a very unpleasant place.

    I don;t want to characterise people solely by their political beliefs (I had an SNP neighbour who was the grumpiest, most unpleasant man you ever met), but it does seem that even with the press we have, we never hear of violence being started by independence supporters.

    On the other hand, there are so often unionist protesters waving their flags and making Nazi salutes, swearing like troopers and singing “Rule Britannia”.

    Actually, most of them are young. I wonder if they have any idea of what the Nazis were really like…

  4. Anonymous

    I understand where you are coming from but I am increasingly meeting people whose views are coming out of the closet and they are predominantly Tories who feel emboldened by the likes of Davidson and May. They feel that their right wings views are acceptable and they are right in a way. The press are far right, the Tories make UKIP look like socialists and the list goes on. What a shitty country to have to live in. I know the yes side has some belters and they might hide in the shadows but I hate the Tories and will never understand how anyone could ever vote for them unless they are right wing too.

    Thanks for commenting.

  5. billy

    i feel sorry for the scottish soldiers in the british army by defending britain they think they defend scotland because when britain refuse scotland indy2 and if they think scotland will win it they will and if violence does erupt
    and brits being brits will send scottish soldiers to patrol scottish streets what then?

    • grumpyscottishman

      I remember reading, from a former general or someone like that, that Scottish troops are rarely based in Scotland for that very reason. They tend to be based in England, N Ireland or overseas as there as some who would not trust them if they were to be asked to be on the streets of Scotland, and the guy actually said in the case of UDI specifically. Interesting times.

      Thanks for commenting.


  6. Lanark

    Our journey so far has been peaceful and long may it stay that way.

    Just over a century ago, as Ireland moved towards independence, it was the unionists who first took up arms by forming the Ulster Volunteers. Bear in mind that the main party in Ireland at that time only wanted home rule within the UK but these people were going to fight against that. Even the early Sinn Fein wanted a dual Monarchy of Britain and Ireland.

    We must keep our resolve and not respond with their hatred. The first time a tank or a soldier appears on a Scottish street, it’s game over for the union.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I was following the march on Twitter and just started to see the yoons creeping into the debate and it was overly aggressive in many ways so started to follow some of the comments and it was just a hate fest. I think there will be trouble along the way and it will come from the yoons, we will have to hold fast and resist falling into the trap but they are not going to make that easy. 17,000 people march in Glasgow, no arrests from the marchers and virtually no coverage of the march. 17,000 people march in Glasgow and are attacked by yoons, six arrested, zero coverage. Says it all really. I agree with you, one soldier sets foot on the ground to deny indy2 and it’s game over for the UK quicker than they think.

      Thanks for commenting.


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