Running Scared

I found this interesting this morning in my newsfeed that comes up on my phone each day. 

I know there has been anti Corbyn headlines for the last few years but it looks like every paper every day now is on anti-Corbyn desperation , helped by the likes of Andrew Neil and Andrew Marr. 

I have no love for Jeremy Corbyn, as I have noted before, no friend to Scotland. I would go as far as saying he has no clue about Scotland in any shape or form. But how afraid are the right wing shit bags of a media we have getting?

Just watch the Andrew Neil interviews with Theresa Mayhem and Jeremy Corbyn. Who got the easier time. Andrew Neil is pretty much an awful bias journalist at the best of times but just banged on about foreign policy and didn’t appear to want to talk about domestic Labour Policy. They are bricking it now that people in England are liking Labour Policy and maybe even softening on Corbyn. 

Jeremy Corbyn actually did well in the Andrew Neil interview, interrupted a great deal but stuck to answering the question. I would not vote Labour in Scotland, no one politically literate would, but if I lived in England I would. 

The only thing to take from the various media is that they are 💩shitting themselves. 



  1. trispw

    What rubbish the tabloids print.

    Corbyn doesn’t hate Britain. That’s one of my problems with him. He wants it to stay together no matter how badly matched we all are.

    As for leaving NATO, I want that too. But Angela Merkel is talking about setting up a European defence organisation now that Trump has shown himself to be unreliable.

    He’s always been against Trident and even held a post in CND. I’m with him there too.



    • Anonymous


      They are bricking it big time. If the polls continue to slip for the Tories over the next week it gets hung parliament range and then let’s see what Labour are made of. Will they join with the SNP to keep the Tories out, if they get to that point.

      I still think the Tories will win by a lot less than the right wing dung rags predicted and that is a good thing. A Tory bluekip with no restraint is very frightening indeed.

      I have a beard so Corbyn has my support on that one and I like a few of his policies, but never on his view of the shitty 💩 uK.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • greig12

        So who decided voters don’t like beards? For gods sake where does it end, what about oxter hair; does Theresa shave her oxters, does Jeremy? Will it become mandatory to have the full Brazilian if your in politics? Back sack and crack at the very least if your a man, the pursuit of that perfect triangle if your a woman.

        Where does this intelligence insulting pish end? Answers on a post card please.

  2. Lanark

    Here’s a wee thought. If Mayhem doesn’t get the result she’s after (imagine she wins with her majority more or less unchanged or even reduced), she would be under pressure to go. Who would replace her?

    The press in this country are sinking to new lows – the guy has a beard, so what? Years ago they ridiculed Hague because he was bald but so was Churchill and Attlee. Not that I say they compared otherwise.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I hope they have a reduced majority but while the polls are shrinking I think it’s up in the air to be honest. I don’t think anyone really knows. My view is that the Tories will win, but not by anything like a 100 seats, it’s looking like Labour and the Tories will gain in Scotland sadly, not by much but it is looking like they will which of course will be portrayed as a rejection of independence. The Liberals might be gone in Scotland if there vote keeps shrinking. Mayhem will survive for now but I doubt she will fight the next election in 2022, 2022 ffs, Tories in power for 12 years, what can’t people see.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. TheStrach

    I never watch BBC news and politics programmes but made an exception for Nicola Sturgeon’s interview with Neil. I was extremely impressed by her performance. As usual the questions were mainly about devolved issues which are not relevant in a GE. Despite this the FM was calm, assertive and showed terrific knowledge about a wide range of subjects.

    She is head and shoulders above all the other party leaders in the UK.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I am just listening to it now and Andrew Neil, like Andrew Marr, are just arse lickers for the establishment. He is a terrible journalist, always butting in, always running Scotland down at every opportunity. I do wish that all politicians would stop comparing Scotland to England, I know that Nicola is being forced into it by the questions but I would like them to try and find a way not to do it. I don’t really care what goes on in England in education and health etc, we need to be saying that we won’t do that anymore, it’s like some king of inferiority complex that fits the agenda of people like Neil, Marr and the various Tories of all colours, designed to run us down, that will be my next blog maybe. Bloody hell Neil has just said the PM grant a referendum, ffs these people live in the dark ages. The interview is a joke, you’re correct, very little about the GE but NS is by far the best politician that we have and unlike the other Scottish leaders, barring Harvie, I believe she is 100% genuine.

      Thanks for commenting.

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