A Stunt or have we lost?

The Government ordered armed soldiers onto the streets of the UK yesterday, and Police Scotland had armed Police Officers at Dundee Train Station. 

Theresa May has said that the Terrorist risk level in the U.K. is critical, this has been supported by Police in both England and Scotland. The armed soldiers are there to allow armed Police Officers support anti terrorist investigations across England. 

While this brings to the fore Police cuts of 20,000 in England since the Tories came into power it does leave me, the cynical me, with a few questions. 

First thing for myself is that armed Soldiers are not trained Police Officers, they are not trained in the same way so the idea that they will know what to look for in spotting suspicious individuals I would think are slim, even if they are vets from our many conflicts around the world. 

I can accept that armed Police are trained to spot someone acting suspiciously, acting in an unusual manner and so forth. 

However, I will admit that after Manchester some might feel this is an adequate response, required to protect Buckingham Palace, the Government and oh reassure the public. I’m not so sure. 

I’ve never been comfortable with armed Police Officers on the streets of Dundee, I have always felt that it does not deter anything. If you have gotten to the stage of carrying out a mass murder then you are way past being deterred by a Police Officer with gun. I also don’t like it at all.

Now many will disagree with my next point but there is the really cynical part of me that feels, after the week Theresa May just had, the horrors of Manchester have given her the opportunity to be seen to be strong and stable. 

I actually think it makes her look look weak and predictable but once we get to this point have we lost? What happened in Manchester is a horror that I cannot imagine what all the people who were there went through, the families of the injured and deceased , and I was thankful my kids were in my house and not at a concert in Manchester, I don’t apologise for that feeling at all. 

The media have also, as usual, sadly been lacking in most respects. The Sun linking Jeremy Corbyn to terrorism within 2 hours of the tragedy was a disgrace, it was disgusting.

For the Sun to run with the attack on Corbyn knowing this atrocity had happened is a disgrace, as was, Katie Hopkins final solution tweet, and the radio media reporting that the people of Manchester are living in fear just shows the level that some people will go to. We also had armed soldiers to protect Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, not armed soldiers to protect football fans at Wembley for Cup Final, garbage reporting as normal. 

So I suppose I am cynical on two fronts, I am sorry about Manchester, it is horrific, but more guns I don’t think is the answer and, as I said, there is a part of me that is very cynical about our response, has the Prime Minster taken advantage of the situation, maybe she has and I am not the only one thinking it. 



  1. greig12

    Disgraceful pointless sabre rattling but at least they’re not dressing the soldiers up as policemen like they did during the miners strike.

    • Anonymous

      I am very cynical about this move down south and saw a brief news story that Police Scotland would not even consider the idea so good for them, bad enough we have armed Police everywhere without armed soldiers too. One good thing though is the level of people who just don’t like armed Police on the streets, for all the faults of this country, and the ignorance of many in how they use their vote, at least we have the issue of guns pretty spot on. It’s only Royals, Tories and nut jobs that seem to want to use the horrid things.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. TheStrach

    It’s not over till it’s over. I don’t know enough to say whether the action taken is excessive. However, reports about the number of soldiers and police personnel who have been cut over the last few years won’t look good for the Tories. There has also been a backlash against some of the more extreme views being published by the S*n and others.

    I believe the postponed SNP manifesto is now out on Tuesday, a full week later than scheduled. I’m hoping this will give a boost to the SNP as we enter the final stages of the campaign.

  3. Anonymous

    I think a lot more people down south are coming around to the fact that it was Theresa May and ConLibs that started the Police number cull in England since they got back into power, not sure if that will impact on the election but it could do I suppose. I don’t know if the SNP manifesto coming out late helps or not, how many people actually read them. I think the polls sound about right, the SNP appear to have lost some leave voters to the scumbag Tories (how anyone can vote for those shits is beyond me) but mostly the scumbags are taking votes from Labour and we now have a yes no fight. The SNP will lose seats and the Tories will win some, Labour might even pick one or two up, the losers here I think will be the Liberals, they will get squeezed and won’t make any gains or I will be surprised if they do. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    Thanks for commenting.



    Troops on the streets of England ??

    I spent a career as a soldier in the 80’s at the height of the IRA . Ireland was a very special case where our own folk where slaughtering themselves over 300 year old wars and I doubt the UK came out looking good even after the Good Friday agreement.

    If i saw troops in Scotland i would believe we were being invaded no matter the flag . Troops are not trained for this shit . driving fire engine and ambulances yes but policing ??

    The English should be worried . I know i am . I predicted this last year and everyone laughed.

    Good article Grumpy . We need indi really quick or we are second class along with our kids in this outdated Union build on lies and theft . Of people as well as our resources .

    • Anonymous

      Yes guy
      I don’t like to see armed Police on the streets, let alone, soldiers. I don’t even think it’s fair to put soldiers in that position, they have enough to deal with. That was about Police cuts in England pure and simple and I suspect Tories trying to look tough.

      I never understood N Ireland at all and will certainly defer to your judgement on that one but I am thankful that things have settled down there now, but you do hear reports that it is always on edge. I believe in a united Ireland and independent Scotland but you wonder what the unionist nutters will do once it’s achieved, as it will be some day, just a matter of time but hopefully not too long as I bloody despise the uK.

      Thanks for commenting.


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