Car Crash Mayhem

Theresa May gave an interview to Andrew Neil yesterday that was one of the worst I have ever seen a politician give in the history of any election.

If you haven’t seen it then you should watch it online or on catch up, it was even worse than any interview given by Kezia Dugdale, like ever. It was that bad. Theresa May mumbled, stuttered, lied, repeated the same old sayings like the speaking clock does and blamed Jeremy Corbyn for pretty much everything. Events over the last 24 hours have put things into perspective and this interview will not get the coverage it deserves, certainly not this week, if at all, but we did learn a few things, that most of us already know.

Theresa May(hem) assumes that she is going to win this election without trying. With an un-costed and insulting manifesto that should, but isn’t, being hammered by the press to the end of the earth. She could not answer where any extra money was coming from for the NHS or Education, would not answer why the unpopular Jeremy Corbyn was closing the gap in the polls, why she u-turns all the time, no all she went on about was who would negotiate Brexit. After this interview I would imagine anyone watching would be hoping that it’s anyone but her.

This woman is not fit to be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, normally I wouldn’t care but it will have such a profound effect on Scotland that we should all care. As The National pointed out recently,

She often accuses Jeremy Corbyn of being unfit to lead, he is,no doubt about that, but so is she, if it was a straight choice I would have Corbyn although neither are a friend to Scotland in any shape or form. Theresa May is one of the worst politicians I have ever seen, she is robotic, not engaging, scripted and I think a bit thick.

If the Conservatives win the election we should all mourn and be very very afraid, a Conservative win with May(hem) at the helm and we are in serious serious trouble. What can’t people in England see, I am just waiting on the racist anti-Scottish rhetoric to play out as the polls tighten like the last time.

Theresa May is the wrong person, in the right party, at the wrong time, in the wrong century.


I wasn’t going to post this tonight after the events in Manchester yesterday so I hope that no one takes offense. My heart goes out to all in Manchester who were a victim of the horrific crimes that took place last night.

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2 Responses to Car Crash Mayhem

  1. trispw says:

    Absolutely agree.

    Neither of them is a friend to Scotland. Both of them seem to see it as an inconvenient county in the north of England. Both are from the south of England and have no feel whatsoever for our country.

    But very seriously, if I had to choose which one of them was going to take us out of Europe, I’d chose Corbyn.

    He’s not a leader. He can’t deal with his uppity backbenchers. He has no power to make them tow the line. They are a rabble, and at this time they are an utter disgrace, refusing to be HM Opposition, and picking instead of the SNP.

    But although he takes what I consider to be a terrible attitude to Scotland, at least he is genuine, and his beliefs are there for all to see. They don;t change.

    May is a fantasist. She was a simply appalling Home Secretary. She got almost everything wrong. Why she wasn’t sacked I cannot imagine.

    When it comes to being the prime minister, I think she’s a bit of a parody. If it were not so serious it would, like Trump, be comical.

    She was, of course, up against some absolutely awful competition.

    Boris, Gove, Fox, that bloke from Wales whose name escapes me, but who professed deep religious beliefs (and a dubious text messaging record), and the ridiculously and terminally stupid Leadsome.

    With a field like that, it is unsurprising that someone as mediocre as May would come out in front… especially when the rest of them were busy putting the knife in each others’ backs.

    Since she has been pm, she appears to have u-turned on almost every single thing she has ever said.

    Having stolen the slogan “strong and stable government” from Mein Kampf, she has demonstrated weak and wobbly control of everything, including her personal staff, most of who have deserted her.

    She has given away her negotiating stance before she started with Europe, and I’m pretty certain that she has made no friends there.

    She has, on the other hand, made up with Erdogan, Netanyahu, Salman and Trump, a bunch of hard right nut jobs.

    She has a public speaking style that makes Mrs Thatcher look normal; she stutters and stumbles through everything she says, even friendly interviews.

    She has absolutely zero charisma and comes over as totally lacking in sincerity.

    She will be a catastrophe.

    The Engish may have voted for her. We did not.

    I wish she would have absolutely no influence over out country at all.

    • Anonymous says:


      She is a disaster, not even waiting to happen, but here and real now. She is so out of her depth it is unreal, there has to be someone who can get English voters to see sense. Shit, I would have Farron over May. Her attitude to Scotland is, like Cameron’s, shameful and has an ally in Corbyn for that. I sincerely hope that Scotland will be both their downfalls if enough people on Scotland would actually just wake the f up. Sometimes I think we will have to wait for that generation before Indy2 as we sadly need them to die off before we will win, May will put a stranglehold on Scotland that while the Scottish Government won’t force then to sell their homes for care the system will be so starved of cash they will have to anyway, exactly what the Tories of all colours in Scotland want to see. The interview was a real shocker and one of the worst I have ever seen if not the worst. God help us all if she wins.

      Thanks for commenting.


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