The Green Party Manifesto

The Green Party released their manifesto today so I thought I would have a look and see what it said, as I have done with the Labour, the Scottish Liberal Democrats, and Conservative manifesto’s.

Highlights for myself include:

•Phase in a 4 day working week (a maximum of 35 hours) and abolish exploitative zero hours contracts.

•Reform taxation to include a wealth tax on the top 1% of earners, investing in more staff at HMRC so they can work more effectively, and reinstate the higher level of corporation tax for large businesses.

•An Environmental Protection Act to safeguard and restore our environment, protect and enhance biodiversity, promote sustainable food and farming, and ensure animal protection.

•Tough action to reduce plastic and other waste, including the introduction of Deposit Return Schemes, with a zero waste target.

•Introduce proportional representation (PR) for parliamentary and local elections, and votes at 16.

•A living rent for all through rent controls and more secure tenancies for private renters, an end to letting fees and the introduction of mandatory licensing for all landlords.

•End mass council house sales and scrap Right to Buy at discounted prices.

A referendum on the detail of whatever deal is negotiated for Britain’s departure from the EU, with the option to reject the deal and remain in the EU.

Like the Labour manifesto, there is a lot to like in this one too, and unlike the hypocrites that are the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party support a referendum on any Brexit deal and another referendum on Scottish Independence, no Willie Rennie rubbish here. The manifesto has a lot of things that I have always cared about and I continue to be more and more impressed by the Green Party.

I totally agree with votes at 16 and PR, totally agree with rent controls, totally agree with a major reform of all taxation, totally agree with not renewing Trident, the list goes on. While it is fair to say that the Greens will not get the wall to wall free coverage of the other parties, and will be subjected to greater scrutiny, I understand why people would, and do vote Green.

A few blogs ago in Betrayal or Pragmatism  I discussed the decision of the Scottish Greens to only stand in 3 constituencies in the General Election in Scotland. They have been accused of propping up the SNP Government in Holyrood and helping their SNP masters. All a bit rich coming from the other parties who are funded by their rich masters, and as we saw in the coalition, the Liberal Democrats will sell their souls for the extra Ministerial Salary.

The Scottish Greens have given their reasons for not contesting all 59 seats and will not endorse any candidates in the 56 they are not in. I said at the time “I am not so sure if I agree or not, there would be a temptation not to vote at all if my preferred party or candidate withdrew leaving only other party candidates, even if they are pro YES candidates”.

My view hasn’t really changed, I vote Green on the list for Holyrood elections and have always ranked them in local council elections, there is no Green Candidate standing in Dundee West at the General Election so I will vote for a YES candidate, but the decision not to stand Green candidates I imagine will upset some Green supporters but maybe I’m wrong. Either way I like their manifesto and that won’t surprise many people, it is a left manifesto that is more Labour than Labour have been since the 1980’s.

You can check it out here The Green Party Manifesto



  1. Anonymous

    Pretty sure this was the English and Welsh Green Party manifesto not the Scottish one who are far left.

    • Anonymous

      May be but I don’t think the Scottish one will be much different to be honest, if at all.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous


      If the Greens are to grow as a party they will have to and work really full on due to the nature of the media in this country. The Manifesto is a good one though.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. TheStrach

    I liked the English and Welsh Green manifesto and have just voted for them down south.

    If I was in Scotland I’d vote SNP as independence is my priority. Without it we can’t implement the policies for a fairer, greener and more prosperous country.

    • grumpyscottishman

      The Strach
      I like a lot in the manifesto and continue to become more impressed with the Greens the more I learn. It’s certainly the best one so far and I think the SNP one comes out tomorrow so I will have a look as soon as I get the chance. SNP will get my vote on June 8th as indy is the priority and always will be but I will continue with my policy of Green for the list and will put them as my number one choice in future council elections.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. East Neuker

    If I was in Glasgow North I would probably vote for Patrick Harvie. In North East Fife, where I am, I will vote for Stephen Gethins, who is a good guy. Come independence, I might well vote Green. Right now, it is independence or fascism.

    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker
      Agree, SNP for constituency vote until indy, Green list and council but then after indy everything on the table as I don’t think the SNP go far enough left for me but I understand that they have to play the centre ground for the time being. It will be Chris Law for me in Dundee West even though I actually don’t find him that impressive to be honest.

      Thanks for commenting.


        • grumpy

          If you read my comments I said I ranked my votes and the next time I will rank them first. I voted for my local councillor and all the yes supporting candidates with Labour and Tories last. Exactly what I said I was going to do.

          Thanks for commenting.


  4. Alan

    The Scottish Greens may be in difficult financial circumstances. They campaigned quite hard in the council elections and probably did not have a precautionary war chest for a snap election. I mean, think about it – it’s a £500 deposit per candidate per seat. So to contest all 59 seats would require 30 grand – even if the Greens won more than 5% across the board and had this deposit returned, they would still need to put it down. Then there are all the campaigning costs.

    I’m not surprised the Greens are being pragmatic. There’s probably a point to be made about them being the one party with a solid requirement to conserve resources.

    • grumpy

      I think that is what Patrick Harvey said. Is it time for the fees to be abolished and a minimum number of supporters being a mandate to stand? I like there manifesto though and the most impressive so far.

      Thanks for commenting.

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