Something Different: Beer

I like a beer, just one or two, and cold. I’m not really a drinker at all but there is not much better than a cold one after a long week at work so what are my favs. 

My first choice, and not common here, is Samuel Adams. A Boston beer and one of the best I have ever had, lovely beer. 

A controversial choice, and only ever in a bottle, but I like a Tennants and had one tonight. 

Another strong choice would be Red Stripe. A Jamaican beer and very smooth, one of the best out there I think. 

Another one that I really enjoy now and again is a Grolsh, a little bit bitter in some ways but really nice if cold. 

Another one that I really like but is a now and then beer for me is Stella. Smooth and easy to down, maybe too easy 😀

Here is a couple that I really don’t like, not really beers but I don’t like them at all. 

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6 Responses to Something Different: Beer

  1. inthesoup says:

    McEwans is the best buy the best buy…McEwans is the best buy the best buy in beer…: )

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not for me, disgusting.


  3. greig12 says:

    Stella was never the same after they cut the alcohol content from 5.2%. To 4. something. I like lager with a bit more body to it like the stuff the Czechs make eg Budvar or Starropramen

    Better just to pour the Tennents yelly fizzy waater straight doon the lavvy Bruce and cut out the middleman. Heh! Heh!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve seen Budvar in the shops but never had any, I will check it out, strangely enough I think my wife has had it and said it was pretty good. I’ve had Starropramen and never really took to it, Tennents I only drink if it’s from a bottle, don’t know why but it seems to be better .

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. TheStrach says:

    I’ve been sampling another US import, Sierra Nevada, by bottle and in draft. It’s pretty good.

    I’ll also give a plug to the brewers from my home county – William Brothers (Heather Ales), Harviestoun Brewery and
    Devon Ales.

    • The Strach
      I have never taken to Pale Ale to be honest, tried it a few times but just never got the taste at all. Ive never really tried any independent beers and should give them a go, they do tend to be a lot more expensive though.

      Thanks for commenting.


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