Liberal Democrats Manifesto ‘ The Hypocrites Speak ‘

The Liberal Democrats released their manifesto today.

Front and centre in their EU section is the hypocritical statement:

” when the terms of our future relationship with the EU have been negotiated (over the next two years on the Government’s timetable), we will put that deal to a vote of the British people in a referendum, with the alternative option of staying in the EU on the ballot paper “.

The Liberal Democrats like referendums, but only when they don’t like the result of any previous ones. Willie Rennie launched a General Election Pledge Card.

You see the Liberal Democrats hate the EU result so want to re-run it and hope that people will vote remain by rejecting any deal the Tories get from the EU, of course they won’t be in power so it’s a moot point. But anyway, they liked the Scottish Independence Referendum result so they will fight tooth and nail to ensure that a second Independence Referendum, agreed by a majority in the Scottish Parliament, doesn’t happen. As I have said before where was the vote on the Scotland Act 2016, where was the vote on the Smith Commission, no we can’t have that, hypocrites.

Hypocrites of the worst kind.

The manifesto goes on to promise, like Labour, a federal United Kingdom (didn’t fight for it coalition did they) and notes that Scotland will raise half of its budget in tax. Without mentioning that Scotland has no power over corporation tax and vat, no powers to set the levels of benefits in Scotland – including child benefit, pensions, tax credits and welfare payments. No say in immigration policies, no say over defence and foreign policy, no say on the constitution, no say on nuclear weapons, and no say on fiscal, economic and monetary policy; and government borrowing and lending. Basically the Liberal Democrats, like Labour, and like the Tories want to keep Holyrood as toothless as they can make it, a diddy parliament.

Is there anything to like, not a lot and they go no where near as far as Labour. No promise to end zero hours contracts, they are going to encourage employers to pay a living wage rather than just bring one in, they are going to raise income tax by 1p for health, they want to put a levy on cigarette companies and I can support that. Minimum price of alcohol would be a good thing, bring in votes at 16 and I support that but overall their manifesto is aspirational with a lot of encourage this and encourage that, won’t matter as they won’t be in power.

The Liberal democrats believe they will return 20+ MPs by retaining all of the MPs and winning some of their target seats. I just can’t see it to be honest, I am no expert and more wrong than right when it comes to predictions, but independent statistician Nigel Marriott has the Liberal Democrats losing seats and having a few as 6 MPs, while that would be very funny it is probably wrong. The Liberal democrats are polling around 9% of the vote and under first past the post won’t result in much more than 12 MPs returned to Westminster. To be honest given their hypocrisy when it comes to Scotland it is 12 too many given how I am feeling about the election right now.

To use a favourite logo of Willie Rennie and the Liberal Democrats I suspect that the voters will be saying:

However I prefer this one:



  1. East Neuker

    Hi Bruce. Did you hear Stuart Campbell skewering Willie Rennie on Call Kaye re his position on referenda?
    What a plank WR is. Nasty man. Unfortunately he is my consituency MSP. Damn.

    • Anonymous


      I played it on my lunch break. Total hypocrisy, it is ok for British (English) people to choose for the referendum result we don’t like but not for Scottish people in the referendum result we do like. Stuart really showed him up for being what I blogged about, hypocrites. They should just say we oppose independence and will campaign against in any referendum rather than look stupid. Willie Rennie I just can’t stand, Brit Nat up there with any of the other red and blue Tories.

      Thanks for commenting.


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