Tory Success 

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or this blog knows I cannot stand Murdo Fraser, Conservative MSP, however he is the pinnacle of real Tory success.  He is what the young Tories aspire to in Scotland. 

The man makes me boak to be honest, lost every election he has fought in 20 years but still sits in our parliament,  he is just another Tory living it up at the taxpayers trough that far too many of them enjoy. He is an example of why our political system needs changed.

I know June isn’t a Holyrood election but any vote for the scumbag Tories helps keep people like Murdo Fraser dipping your pocket and laughing at your vote. 



  1. Anonymous

    Murdo Fraser assumed office in 2001 after a list MSP resigned and it passed to him, he then held the seat in the 2003, 2007, 2012 and 2016 Scottish Parliament Elections on the Mid Scotland and Fife list, so I am unsure why they all count as LOST when he actually won the seat? Bit silly.

    At the 1999 Scottish Parliamentary Election, he was an unsuccessful candidate for North Tayside, as he was in 2003 and 2007. He stood unsuccessfully for the House of Commons in the 1997 General Election in East Lothian, and in 2001 for the UK Parliament’s North Tayside seat.

    So while yes he has lost a lot of times, I think the graphic is misleading and ought to be corrected.

    Unless, of course, people who win on list systems don’t really win in your opinion and therefore the 6 Green MSPs would also be illegitimate because no one voted for them. In my view all MSPs whether List or Constituency are elected and legitimate and have a right to be there.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I’m not a fan of the list system as it is as it allows situations like Murdo’s to happen. I would prefer full PR for all elections and party members deciding the order of the list. That won’t happen so I would like to see limited terms for all MSPs elected via the list, say two terms at most. I appreciate that list MSPs have a difficulty with the mandate due to the system but for someone to be in parliament for 20 years without coming first at any point is wrong in my opinion, Murdo’s politics and football preferences are what gives me the boak. I don’t feel he adds anything helpful to our parliament other than bitterness and in some ways hate. I don’t apologise for the tone of my blog, I say it as I see it and it is my opinion, not always going to be correct and rarely politically correct but it is what it is. However thank you for taking the time to express your opinion and to even read my blog, your answer is there for all to see and while I wouldn’t say I agree with all of it there may be many who do.



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