Labour and a lost cause

So the British Labour and Unionist Party have ruled out any consideration of a second Scottish independence referendum in their manifesto. 

Jeremy Corbyn is to look at federalism, again, to see how this might work in the UK. This is also seen as a way for Scottish Labour to recover in Scotland. 

I said in a previous post that there was a lot to like in the Labour Manifesto and I stick by that, but catching up on the news today has resulted in I suppose a realisation. I had hoped that at some point Labour would return to some kind of sanity and recognise that Scottish Independence was in the best interests of all in the UK. 

This is plainly never going to happen, my silly hope in the decency of some in the Scottish Party is well and truly dead. Labour are a lost cause as far as our future is concerned, the hope that they see the light is just that, a distant hope. It is time to forget the Scottish Labour Party and to treat them strategically as we do the TORIES, no benefit of the doubt, the unionist Labour Party have nothing but my contempt and I no longer care if they do well, our journey is a destination that they can play no part in, they are a lost cause. 

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6 Responses to Labour and a lost cause

  1. TheStrach says:

    Completely agree. Labour is part of the problem, not the solution.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was living in hope that somehow they would see the light as far as Scotland goes but sadly, while they don’t flat out say it, Scotland is just a colony to them and they will never ever change. Unionists through and through and socialist not. You are spot on, they are a part of the problem and therefor they have no role to play in the solutions.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. East Neuker says:

    With you there, Bruce. Scottish Labour is worse than pointless, it is pernicious. Craig Murray is quite interesting on this topic.

    • Anonymous says:

      East Neuker
      I have read some of Craig’s views on Labour and it’s hard to disagree. The English Party are trying to be different in some ways, but not their ignorance of Scotland, but the Scottish version are a joke and a bunch of poor mans Blairites of the worst kind who can’t see past their ignorance, personal gain and willingness to live in servitude. They are pointless as you say and I have given up on my hope that they might change, they are a part the problem and hopefully will be wiped out in June in Scotland. Lets just make it a straight fight between YES and the scumbag Tories.

      Thank you for commenting.


      • East Neuker says:

        They also seem to be blindly self destructive – unless of course Alex Rowley has a bet on at the bookies in Cowdenbeath that the Labour share of the vote in Scotland at the GE will be in single figures. That would, however bizarre, make more sense than the utter self contradictory mince they are coming out with.

        • East Neuker
          I don’t get them at all to be honest, they are all over the place and have no clue, especially Dugdale as pointed on WoS. I hope they get no MPs, f them to be honest.

          Thanks for getting back to me.


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