Dundee Courier ‘ Don’t buy this RAG ‘

Today the Dundee Courier stooped to a new low:

Their editorial states that ” The new Dundee City Council administration is just a few days old but we are setting them their first challenge: be brave, bold and creative and come up with a strategy to rid the city of the damning hell of drugs”.

Anyone who lives in Dundee and has had the misfortune to read this paper knows what it is about, by talking about the new Council Administration, they mean SNP, but don’t have the guts to say what they really want to.

Thankfully decent people in Dundee have reacted on the Courier’s Facebook page:

Beth Cowan – What a cheap skate way to do down the administration. Drug taking is a life choice. Yes the authorities can put more preventative measures in place and more treatment facilities. Fighting austerity has curtailed the good work that the city can do. Shame on you D C Thomson for using this poor lads misery to score cheap points.

Dave Webster – do you know who this person is? have you thought of the impact this image appearing on the front of the paper will have on this person, as well as his friends and family? do you know anything about this person and why they turned to drugs? Of course drugs is a serious issue but using a photo of a vulnerable adult to sell your papers is nothing short of shite. You’re supposed to be a news paper, sell news and stop trying to pretend you have some moral duty to protect the city by shaming those in need.

Wendy Petrie – Shocking you don’t know the reason, you don’t even know this person, you have ridiculed him in the media and on social network, I hope this man gets the help he is needing and doesn’t fall into deep depression or worse from your lack of sympathy on him, you would rather take this picture than help a human being! Shameful…

Bryoney Cook – Anyone can see there is a drug problem in Dundee, but that’s true of any major city in the UK, if not the world. What is shaming is the Courier carrying that image – that is still a human being with thoughts, feelings and a family. Click bait headlines sensationalising something that’s long been an issue. The root cause can be any number of things, but current government policy on welfare, homelessness, mental health is so poor this is why we are where we are. Local government won’t have the resources to deal with this issue. Stop buying into this notion of this being a shock, Courier. Ulterior motive much.

From what I can see the photo is a shock approach to addiction, a cheap shot at someone in need of help and support. A cheap shot at our City. Yes Dundee, like the rest of the UK, has a drug problem. The reasons are complex and the solutions equally as complex and expensive.

I won’t pretend to be an angel, I get equally as frustrated as others when I am approached in the street, when I see people in a stupor and esp when with children, but I also remember that those with addictions are people too. They did not choose this way of life and I imagine most would prefer an alternative. Having worked in the homeless sector in the past for a number of years, and supported people with both drug and alcohol addictions, I found that some of the reasons that the circumstances of addiction came about were mental health, family breakdown, poverty, unemployment to name a few.

We will not solve the issue full stop, and we won’t even begin to understand the issue by front pages like today. I don’t buy the Courier or the Evening Telegraph, I stopped when I became more aware of their anti independence stance and their generally crap reporting during the referendum. Today they stooped to a new low and I really hope their circulation goes down as a result.

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6 Responses to Dundee Courier ‘ Don’t buy this RAG ‘

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  2. East Neuker says:

    I used to buy the Fife edition of the Courier occasionally if there was a local interest story, but refuse to do so now. D C Thomson is a bunch of authoritarian fascists, anti trade union, anti independence, publishers of Tory rags.
    Any paper which allows the awful Jenny Hjul major column space to print her pro Tory, arrogant, contemptuous bile about independence, or anything to the left of Genghis Khan, is showing where it stands.
    Unfortunately, the Courier is very popular here, and in Tayside too. I despair of some of my fellow Scots, but we must hope that they do not prevail.

    • East Neuker
      I used to buy both everyday as I was a paper reader. That all changed in the referendum when they lied to the cows came home, they were just a better together rag like all of the papers at that time so I stopped buying papers and even now just buy a National once or twice a week. The photo though was just shock and awe with no consideration for the person in trouble. I did change the blog as I said there was no analysis and I meant the editorial but seemingly they are going to be doing articles all week and I will not buy the paper to check it out. DC Thomson are reported to be anti-union, anti-Catholic, anti-decency and all Tory. F if I am ever giving them a penny. Just a pity there is no local alternative in Dundee.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Lanark says:

    It really is frightening how badly Scotland is served by its media. A truly free and open society would have a media that reflected the views of the people. All we have is garbage like this.

    • Lanark says:

      Thank goodness for the Internet and sites such as this.

      • Lanark
        Allegedly they were going to do a week of stories but I just won’t buy that rag, the headline photo was not needed. They decided to try and sell papers with little consideration for the man in the photo, the paper is a Tory rag as far as I am concerned and has a very poor history overall in the City.

        Thanks for commenting.


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