Just the Start if the filth have their way!

WoS tweeted this article today with the words “Shouldn’t be long now” .

This will discussed at the BMA Conferance in Edinburgh this month. This should send a chill up the spine of every voter in England and Wales and be a wake up call to every voter in Scotland. 

It is being reported in a Social Attitudes Poll that 33% of 2300 people polled agree with this. Not only would this end the free at the point of need principle it would obviously stop many of the poorer people in society seeking medical help from their GP. Concerns have been raised that things like cancer would then go undetected and I have a lot of sympathy for that view.

 Now I accept that there are not enough GPs and that many are under pressure. But I also feel that they are very very well paid for what they do, over £100.000 per year, don’t work 7 days a week and can retire early. The crisis in GP numbers is not down to people being ill but the fact that we don’t train enough Doctors and the NHS is underfunded compared to most EU countries. That is not the fault of the most vulnerable and poorest people in our communities, it is the fault of the politicians who value things like tax cuts for the wealthy, sweet heart tax deals for large companies and things like nuclear weapons. 

Let’s make no mistake, once this type of charging is out of the box our society changes fundamentally for the worst and the NHS will become private as time goes on. 

GPs supporting this should be ashamed, our taxes trained you, our taxes give you a wage that many can only dream of, as well as a pension that allows you to retire younger than most of us, how dare you play games with our access to health.

The Tories would love this to happen, for many it’s their wet dream, and for the rest of us a living nightmare. People better think long and hard about their vote in June. 



  1. East Neuker

    Charges for health treatment would have bankrupted me long ago. I cannot begin to describe my anger and despair at the potential dismantling of the NHS by the Tories. So far I’ve been very lucky with the quality and accessibility of health care for me and my family, and have nothing but admiration for the doctors I have dealt with.
    This is a political matter. the Tories want this to happen, because they are a complete set of absolute bastards.

    • Anonymous

      East Neuter
      I must admit I have less sympathy for GPS and looking at the story it is GPS that are proposing it. I think it wd be both a step too far and a huge mistake. The Tories would love the BMA to support this and with their agenda of running down the NHS in England , or so it seems, will have the stupid people screaming for privatisation.
      It has maybe been coming a long time but peoe in Scotland better think seriously before giving the scum bag Tories even a slight foothold back in Scotland.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. mearnsgeek

    People who support this sort of thing should really do a bit of research on the situation in the US for healthcare to see how it affects real folk.

    I’m.a big podcast fan and I’ve heard various stories from and about people affected by it: the stabbing victim who was kicked out of the hospital with some painkillers to recover when he said he didn’t have insurance; the women who had to look after her comatose son in their house after she lost her job and the new jobs insurance wouldn’t pick up the tab; the woman who was able to afford to see a GP for the first time in 17 years until Obamacare came along.

    This is what some people want? Are that sick in the head?

    • grumpyscottishman


      I totally understand. I lived in the states and saw how amazing health care can be , if you have insurance. If you don’t have insurance you really are going to struggle and the price of medication makes a prescription charge nothing. We cannot allow anymore privatisation to creep into the NHS. The Tories and Liberals allowed the whole something for nothing narrative to take hold , supported by Labour and believed by simpletons. We are on a slippery slope and have got to get out. What can’t people see.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Mrs H Brown

    Trouble is too many people no longer are aware of how things were. I am one of those pesky baby boomers, born in 1947, Dad was in the army, a career soldier, when it was possible to be that way, Mum was in an reserved industry, she worked in a laundry washing armed services clothing. Well she did until the cancer of that time caught her. TB is presently still mostly curable though there have been incidents in homeless people in the United States where it has been shown to be resistant, so expect a return with the Tories. To return to my point, her folks did not have the money for the treatments available, indeed they did not have the money for the Doctor half the time. My Mother died not long after my birth which coincided with the birth of the National Health Service. It is being destroyed by the very people who did not want it then and that was the Tory voting Doctors. Not all doctors are wonderful, Crippen, the German whose name escapes me, and Harold Shipman for example. Then those in private practice, money grubbers all. I agree with you, we need a fair tax system which makes it possible to keep our precious health service. Stop letting the overly wealthy escape their responsibilities. Get rid of the trappings of a vanished empire, Trident. We have wasted enough money on these things and anyway what are we protecting, a nation surely is it’s people.

    Grumpy Scottish Man wrote: > a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ WordPress.com grumpyscottishman posted: “WoS tweeted this article today with the words “Shouldn’t be long now” . This will discussed at the BMA Conferance in Edinburgh this month. This should send a chill up the spine of every voter in England and Wales and be a wake up call to every voter in”

    • Anonymous

      Mrs H Brown
      Hi, we are at real risk of losing the simple gains that our grand parents and parents fought for over years and years. Apathy is going to return us to the Victorian Age in my own opinion and totally agree with you about Doctors. If I hear one more Doctor who only see patients 4 days a week max, or teachers who only teach 22 hrs a week, say they are over worked I will scream. They are both very well paid for what they do with terms and conditions to scream for when what have is failing health and poor attainment, that is not only the fault of a lack of funding, they have to take some responsibility for it, which they won’t. I know that I am generalising but there are just too many like that, one is too many. People need to seriously think about what they vote for.

      Thanks for commenting.


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