So the BBC have announced the Leaders Debates, only they are not debates at all, Farce.

Basically Theresa May will appear on the same Question Time programme as Jeremy Corbyn taking questions from an audience. Nicolas Sturgeon will appear on a similar programme that will also have Tim Farron. There will be a debate with all 7 parties but not with the Leaders only senior figures.

Has our democracy gotten so poor that they won’t even debate. Theresa Mayhem might as well not bother as she is already in hiding from the public with support from a media who don’t challenge. 
None of these programmes make any sense and will not allow the voters a better understanding of what the various parties stand for. I am again left wondering why the SNP would ever agree to take part in this farce. This is more of the BBC protecting May.

We are yet again being treated with contempt by the BBC and the politicians, when is enough enough. 



  1. Jim Morris

    Should Theresa May resign as leader of the Conservative Party to allow voters to vote purely on Tory policies?
    Refusal to enter public debate should disqualify her from automatic premiership after a Tory win since the people would not be voting for strong and stable leadership but deliberately secret leadership.

    • Anonymous

      It really is becoming a joke, where else would a politician get away with this and a media being so quiet about it. We really live in a joke of a country where we are led on a lead and buttoned up the back. We are just the dirty unwashed to these people.

      Thanks for commenting.


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