Roll Up Roll Up the Circus is in town

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more silly up pops Brown stuff himself to lighten the mood and give us all a chuckle or three.

Yes, it’s that time of year when the carnivals start to visit and the yoon media circus roll out good old Gordon Brown for some of his renowned wisdom and thoughtful take on everything Scottish. According to the saviour of the union Gordon Brown has said “the SNP and Tories should be “ashamed” after presiding over soaring child poverty levels”, for a laugh he also insisted that “Kezia Dugdale is the only Scottish leader who can tackle poverty levels”. He goes on to say that the SNP is hurting children but I pretty much gave up at that point, I just don’t really care what he has to say any more.

This is the same Gordon Brown who once said “We spend more on cows than the poor”, is this the best that the yoons have to offer, that Scottish Labour have to offer. Gordon Brown will go down in history as one of the worst Prime Ministers ever, he is the worst kind of Brit Nat who was happy to stand up and lie his ass off to keep Scotland impoverished and chained to a system that many of us loath. The man who fronted a party that scared pensioners and called an old woman a bigot for expressing an opinion that millions in England shared.

There are few politicians I loath more than Gordon Brown, please no one listen to anything this man says. One of the main reasons that we have the horrible poverty and hardship we face today is that he took his eye off the ball when Chancellor and allowed the bankers to do whatever they wanted and that partly led to the crash in 2008, a crash that he then spent billions and billions of our money on to save the very bankers who should have been jailed but were rewarded, the man is a f joke and has no role to play in Scotland ever again, he once also said ” You have to live in the future, not the past”. Damn right we do, you are part of the horrific recent past I would rather forget so take your own advise and piss off.



  1. Lanark

    Hear hear. I despise Brown, why does anybody listen to this creep? The guy is full of crap. (I’m trying not to use every swear word in the dictionary here).

    He was a useless Prime Minister and is a pretty poor human being.

    • Bruce


      Not a nice person at all, all bullshit and zero substance. why does he keep coming back like a fishy smell you can’t get rid of; I suppose he does remind us how bad labour were and still are.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. trispw

    Dear Dr Brown,

    The Tories are in power in England. The SNP in Scotland.

    In Wales Labour are in power.

    Could you please give us detailed figures that show how much better off children are in Wales as a result of Labour’s Policies.

    Kind regards


    • Anonymous


      The answer is yes, child poverty has risen every year since Labour have been in power in Wales. It has risen in England and we know it has in Scotland. Gordon Brown is a plank.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • trispw

        That wuld suggest that either no one in the Tories, Labour or SNP gives a flying one about kids in poverty… or that there just isn’t enough money available for that kind of thing in Britain.

        The overall pot being decided by London.

        • Bruce Hosie

          Isn’t it. about priorities, tax cuts for the rich , business rate cuts for the rich, trident for vanity or you could invest more in social protection which becomes more a hand up and a genuine system designed to help people help themselves and support those who can’t. It’s about choice and the choices Tories and many other make are not the ones I would make.

          Thanks for commenting.


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