Game on in England

It appears, although you would be hard pushed to find it reported on UK news, but the Tories are down 10% in a week.

The toilet, hide in a factory or forest Tory Party, are on 44% and the Labour, we hate our leader Party, on 31%. If Theresa Mayhem keeps losing percentage points at this rate in England then things might just get interesting indeed. 



  1. Dave

    I know a lot of English people and they’re certainly not daft. There must be loads of others who aren’t fucking stupid too. They just need to come to their senses and maybe this is the start.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I hope so as a win for the Tories is bad enough but a landslide is the worst nightmare for Scotland, we can kiss our rights away and a lot more. I have heard some people say that a landslide in England is good for the yes cause but I am not so sure to be honest.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. ebreah


    This was my comment on one o the Wings thread:

    “Greetings from Malaysia. I am going out on a limb here and say that Jeremy Corbyn actually has a chance in this election. He may not be elected PM but he will not lose much of his MPs. Maybe Labour will be returned with around 180-210 MPs.

    As the campaigning period progresses on, I think a lot of people, those don’t knows especially, will see Theresa May for what she is; the exact opposition of what she is trying to portray. And people will also see, Jeremy Corbyn is not as bad as the media portrays. Add the Lib Dem to the mix, I think the Tories are in for a bit of a shock at the very least. Well at least in England.

    In Scotland, I hope the SNP are aiming for a clean sweep. I know it may sound impossible but it is possible. At the very least, no Tories in Scotland.

    This is already the end game. We are at the last bend. This Malaysian will support the all of you and the cause to its fruition.

    p/s: Keep in mind, Leicester City won the EPL on far worse odds. If they can do it, anything is possible.”

    I stand by it. If you and I can see it, it will dawn upon others too.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Thanks for that, I have no love for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour but they would be better than the Tories any day and I agree with you I don’t think it will be as bad a result as many suspect, and who knows the Lib Dems might do enough to make a coalition of the centre and possible to keep the Tories out. Now that will probably not happen in the result, and wouldn’t happen with the unionist parties, but would also make it very clear to Scotland, even more than it already does, that we have no place in this dis-united Kingdom. I think the Tories might get as much as 7 seats in Scotland and the Lib Dems 2 qwith Labour being finished on no seats. Time will tell though and thank you very much for your support in Scotland fight for a return of all sovereignty to Scotland.


    • grumpyscottishman

      I hope so, it will certainly make it more interesting and might even get Theresa Mayhem out from what rock she has crawled under.

      Thanks for commenting as always.


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