Smell the fear

The Spectator has done an article on tactical voting in Scotland for the up and coming General Election in June.The magazine have listed every seat and kindly provided the logical anti SNP  vote to save their precious union, or cash cow and cannon fodder as Scotland is more commonly known.

Using the language of flower of Scotland the magazine states that

Now Scots who want to defend the United Kingdom have the option of voting tactically to increase their chances of sending the Nationalists home to think again.

So no Scottish Nationalists are welcome at Westminster,  there’s a f surprised. The article argues that Nicola Sturgeon senses that independence is slipping away as the country comes together,  they must live in a different country as this one has never been more divided than it is now.

The article is the perfect example of desperation and fear, let’s spoil their day in June and reject the rape clause Tories. 

Desperation and Fear 



  1. Dave

    I read the Spectator article and looked at the voting guidelines for Yoons and I felt like I needed a wash after it. I’m glad we’re so shite that we’re dependent on subsidies given out of the goodness of their noble English hearts because I shudder to think what depths they would plumb if they really needed our resources. Ha! Ha!

    • grumpyscottishman

      London hates us, they just want our money and our young people for the next war. The article makes me cringe though, they are so desperate now. I have no sympathy for anyone who falls for their crap, but if the Tories get a foot in again then hell mend us when they destroy local services.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. East Neuker

    If there really are enough people in Scotland who will think these slimy instructions are the way to go then we don’t deserve anything better than the disaster which will overtake us if a strengthened and emboldened neo fascist government sets about dismantling Scotland as a workable entity. London will take what it wants, and impose its fascist ideology on all aspects of Scottish life. Eventually it would abolish Holyrood. That is their aim.

    The SNP will definitely lose a few seats. That can be handled, despite MSM crowing. If it is more than that, and the process of destruction begins, only despair awaits,

    This means that we must fight this as hard as we can. We have reached a critical turning point, and the two upcoming elections are of vital importance.

    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker
      I really believe that if people fall for this crap and we lose another referendum then there is no Scotland, just north Britain. I really don’t know how much more people are willing to take as they do appear to take a lot of crap, are we that broken as a people. I don’t think the Tories will win as many as 12, the Lib Dems might get one more and I can see a Labour wipe out but that is no bad thing. You’re correct of course, the media will play a loss of even one seat as a rejection of independence, but nothing new there, so I am not so bothered about that, I care more about the disaster the Tories will be with another mandate and the fact that will take us to at least 12 years of Conservative Government and all that that means.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. MartinRea

    Hopefully we are in the last days of “union” SNP all the way. Only party, along with the Greens that have Scotlands interests at heart.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I so hope you are correct but nothing would surprise me with Scottish voters anymore. I will vote SNP SNP Green Independent Liberal Labour Tory in the council election, marking the yoonionists as low as I can. For the GE I will go SNP, what alternative do we have, Theresa Mayhem has turned this into a referendum so lets give her an unofficial referendum.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. MartinRea

    My prediction is SNP 55 Tory 3 Lib Dems 1. I think the Tories will take 2 from SNP and Labours last seat. But I think SNP will take Mundels seat. No chance of the Tories taking 10-11 seats.

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