Vote Tory and You Condone THIS

The Trussell trust have released their latest food bank figures for Scotland and they are grim reading indeed.

The Trust report that they gave out 145,000 three day food packages to people in crisis in Scotland in 2016-17. This represents a 9% increase on last year and the report also highlights the fact that 47,955 children were among those who had to access emergency food help. The reasons given are in the main low income and benefit delays.

The Trussell Trust report also found in their research, which includes some areas of Scotland, that there has been a 16.85% average increase in referrals in Scotland, compared to a nationwide average of 6.64%. The number of food parcels handed out in Scotland last year was enough to feed the entire population of Dundee for three days, how shocking is that.

Of course DWP deny that they are a part of this growing problem and don’t think you will find any sympathy from leading Conservatives, the lovely Edwina Currie tweeted these last night in response to the UK stats:

So just bear in mind that any vote for the Conservatives in either the local or general elections is a vote for food banks and hunger, if you vote Tory you condone this, you support this and you are complicit in this.


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