Tim Farron and the Sex Question 

Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, has been getting hounded for over a week now regarding the issue of gay sexual intercourse, and if he believes it to be a sin in the context of his Christian faith. 

Now I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Tim Farron, esp around his apparent ignorance of Scottish politics, he does spout the Willie Rennie line of rubbish, but on this one I have sympathy for him. 

I do think that a persons politics should remain separate from their faith as best possible and I have never heard Tim Farron use his faith to justify a political belief, well how could he and support the TORIES in the coalition, but he may have done and I’m not aware of it. 

However, every time Theresa Mayhem opens her mouth she reminds us of her Christian values and is never questioned on this in relation to Tory policy of punishing and hounding the poor and vulnerable. Like the hounding of Jeremy Corbyn there is a real nasty right wing tinge over virtually all of the media now in that the government are free of challenge and everyone else is fair game. 

If you saw the Andrew Marr interview with Jeremy Corbyn yesterday you would know what I mean, this was an attempt at a flogging not an unbiased interview and now Tim Farron is facing the same. 

I am all for Liberal policy being ripped to shreds, and we all know Farron views on Scotland and his ignorance needs to be challenged, but no, the shock troops that masquerade as journalists are more interested in what he thinks about the sexual relationship of people who may be of the same sexy and in love, married , in a relationship, whatever it may be. 

It is no wonder that this union is in such a mess when every journalist did their apprenticeship at the Daily Mail. Tim Farron deserves a fair hearing, we deserve a decent debate, without it we will slide more and more to the far right and we will truly live in a one party state where the government are never challenged. 



  1. Anonymous

    To be honest there’s a vendetta against Christianity just now. I’ve never heard anyone question politicians of any other faith on their views about homosexuality.

    There’s an assumption that religious people have to justify and prove everything whereas atheists don’t. To be honest I’m sick fed up of that attitude in this world, religion does a lot of good and yes has caused problems but what belief (atheism IS a belief) hasn’t caused problems. Religious convictions are treated as second class these days and people mock others for having them.

  2. Anonymous

    I have a lot of sympathy for the view that Christians are constantly under arrack and having to go on the back foot and of course certain other faiths never get asked these questions.

    I don’t want to get into a debate about faith per say but the hypocrisy of the journalists is disgraceful to be honest and the hounding of people like Tim Farron, irrespective of if you agree with his politics or not, is not on when the government are let off the hook. We really are at low eb as far as the media is concerned and that really does our democracy no good at all.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Dave

    It’s not just religion, it’s every group, everyone gets a turn to be blamed for something. Ethinic minorities, immigrants, public servants, old people, teachers, doctors, the poor etc, etc. As a society we are being led by the nose to focus on whatever group the media or establishment want us to vilify this week. It’s divide and rule because if we’re pointing the finger at each other then we’re not dealing with the real problem, i.e. The powers that be and the fact that the UK is in deep trouble because of them. Brexit was a prime example with more than half of England and Wales being conned into blaming the wrong side for their ills.

    The complete lunacy of using anything in the bible to beat someone with is laughable given there is just so much of it that cannot be taken literally because it would be archaic in today’s society. By the same token, some of the aethiests ive met are every bit as arrogant, aggressive and immovable as the most fervent so called religious fundamentalist. The important thing is that we should be defending people’s right to their beliefs, not twisting them to use out of context as weapons.

    I don’t like Tim Farrons attitude toward Scotland but this is bigger than him. We as a society are passively accepting this negative blame culture Propaganda and our rage is being moved around and used at the whim of the establishment and its media.

    People are the victims here, tolerance, empathy, reason and truth are the casualties.

    • Anonymous

      I see where you are coming from, it appears that any minority is a target these days, esp the poorest and most vulnerable. This blog came about because I was watching the news and the Tim Farron press conference was on at the Liberal Launch, and all the reporters were asking about was the sex question and I thought is what we have really come down to. You are spot on when you say ” It’s divide and rule because if we’re pointing the finger at each other then we’re not dealing with the real problem, i.e. The powers that be and the fact that the UK is in deep trouble because of them”. I don’t know what we do to change it though, most people don’t buy papers anymore, most people don’t watch the news on the mainstream other than by accident like myself yesterday so I am at loss how we get the message across that this is not good enough while at the same time they are happy to protect Theresa Mayhem by not questioning her. This country is in a real mess.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Kangaroo

    If you want an interesting take on the geopolitical spectrum then I recommend you read ‘1666 Redemption through Sin’ by Robert Sepher. It explains how our world’s political situation has come about. Quite startling really and a lot of people would be just so shocked and repulsed that they would not believe it.

    However, after you read it, and when you really give it some deep thought then you will question everything you ever considered to be true. It will change you on a fundamental level.

    I will warn you though once you read it you won’t be able to forget, you will have truly crossed the Rubicon. No going back.

    A cheap read on kindle.

    • Anonymous


      I’ll check it out thanks. I have read some of this type of theory and sometimes they do lack in evidence but can sometimes be no less interesting.

      Thanks for the info.


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