If a Nationalist said this

Stephen Daisley, formally of  STV and now Daily Mail, posted this tweet.

So basically he is asking people to put themselves forward to imagine to fight the First Minister of Scotland. Now Daisley might think this is funny or one of those childhood I can beat you type things but in the current climate of aggression in politics, and of course the recent murder of a Labour MP, then this is not funny, not wise, and could be viewed as extremely dangerous. This is the same Stephen Daisley who accused horrible nationalists of hounding out of his job along with horrible SNP MPs. I know many will think this is nothing but Stephen Daisley writes for a paper that is read by many thousands, he does get followed and re-tweeted by many yoonionists, so he can influence people so I think this is a very unwise tweet. So while I will not hold my breath about this being covered by the yoon media, what if this had been a nationalist journalist that said this, it would be on every yoon media outlet in the land. Not a wise tweet from a not very nice man.



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6 Responses to If a Nationalist said this

  1. Dave says:

    It’s certainly not nothing. What are no less than incitements to violence are a consistent theme in the Yoon media. It could be quite sensibly and logically argued that it’s the only bit of consistency they possess. I’ve said before on Indy sites that I worry for the FMs safety, I hope her security is top notch because it just needs some eejit with issues to want his name in the news.

    And as far as that tube talking about a square go with a woman then the little coward obviously has never had a square go with anyone and really needs to to stay sober when he’s blogging. Violence toward women is not big and not clever Steven, and it’s certainly not funny.

    These middle class gits who’ve never had a proper fight in they’re lives using terms like ‘square go’ thinking it gives them street cred really get on my tits.

    • Dave
      I totally agree, we nats must live under far different standards than the likes of Daisley and Jakey, and the many yoons who stoop to disgusting lows. I just get sick of the hypocrisy to be honest. There is no consistency of treatment and there never will be as far as the yoonionist media are concerned. I suppose we should expect it by now but it still really pisses me off.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Lanark says:

    Daisley is a particularly nasty piece of work but what you have to realise here is that he is afraid of the First Minister. Every time you read a yoon article like this, remember that behind their aggression they are shaking in their shoes.

    I have no doubt that they mean it and would genuinely wish harm to come to Yes politicians and supporters.

    • Lanark
      He is a piece of work, as many of the yoons are, and he certainly appears to be a nasty individual but they do enjoy using violent words in relations to the first minster. I had never considered they were afraid of her, afraid of her views yes but not her, but then she is a formidable politician and as we can see from Mayhem who is not.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. 100%YES says:

    May calls her self a christian, When ask in Parliament if she would push the nuclear button of course i will, Benefit sanctions, rape clause, who many people has taken there own lives because they have lost there benefits and there home, She going to put up taxes, wont tell us what brexit will be or look like, I could go on and on. Is it just me or does this woman look uncomfortable with other people. Dictatorship is something where going to have to get used to.

  4. Anonymous says:


    I hate when all politicians say that as it is obviously not true or they follow a faith that I haven’t ever come across.

    I’ve just blogged about the Tories, I despise them and cannot for one minute understand how any Scot could ever vote for them. They are full of hate, how could anyone be attracted to that, you must really hate Scotland to vote Tory. Still it is looking like they will win seats as Scottish Labour and Liberals vote for them, shame on every one of them.

    Thanks for commenting.


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