Is has to be in, doesn’t it?

So Theresa May, Prime Minister, is hoping to call a snap General Election for Thursday June 8th. Baring any weird suicide pack on the part of the opposition yoonionist parties in England she will get her wish. This got me thinking about a blog I wrote in December last year The Ghost in the Room and one which I noticed today has been getting a little re-tweet business.

I put it to you in December that I thought that we had to consider UDI (unilateral declaration of independence), it was and still is the Ghost in the Room for nationalism in Scotland. My view has not changed to be honest, we know where we stand as far as Westminster goes. We have seen the additional cuts, the shambles that is becoming Brexit, and we even have the morally disgusting and indefensible rape clause for Child Tax Credits in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is broken beyond repair, and to paraphrase Anus Sarwar Labour MSP, Westminster is just not a democratic place. So, should the SNP put something like UDI in the manifesto that will be revamped for June?

Seven weeks people, in seven(7) weeks time we will go to the polls in a General Election, a General Election that no one asked for, possibly one that no ones really wants to fight, but it’s here and it is what it is.

Already the media and so called experts are expecting the Tories to have as much as 150 seat majority in Westminster, this will give them unbelievable power until 2022 at least, 12 years of Tory Government we will have had to suffer from a Government that we did not elect. It will take it to something like 67 years since the Tories last won in Scotland, what does that tell you. It’s long enough, it is for me anyway.

I know there will be much debate about this issue, much disagreement. I also think that the SNP won’t have the nerve to do this and all the trouble it would bring to Scotland but what if? What if it is in the manifesto? What if under those circumstances the SNP win 56 seats again, or all of them? What would the EU/UN do then? Would there have to be a fight in the courts? The people would have spoken wouldn’t they?

As I said I have had enough of the Tories of all colours in Scotland, I have had enough of being lied to, cheated, slagged off by the yoons and their pals. Sick of being told there is no mandate, sick of being told what we will get, not what we voted for. Sick of May, Davidson, Rennie, Dugdale and the rest. Is now not the time and now not the hour when we stand up and be counted? The next referendum, if there is one, is make or break. Lets just f do it, lets give the SNP their mandate in as huge numbers as we can and let’s just f leave.

I’m no fan of FPTP but today, FPTP might just give us the best opportunity we will ever have to TAKE our sovereignty back, to take our country back, to take our politics back, and take our sense of dignity and pride back. UDI has to be in the manifesto, it has for me anyway.



  1. 100%YES

    When the unionist are divided between 3 parties, why wouldn’t we take the quickest option unilateral declaration of independence. surely this would be in the interest of the whole country because the UK is heading for a free fall. Surely Nicola in her Westminster manifesto has to mention Independence, the Tories have a plan to remove the Scottish identity entirely and replace it with BNP. This Scot not for changing.

    • Anonymous

      I heard Angus Robertson on BBC Radio Scotland Union Branch this morning and he all but ruled it out. I suspect that they will have something like a vote for the SNP will be a vote for another referendum. Now I understand that in this day and age referendums are the way to go and most people will ignore the point that Thatcher made but for me that assumes the UK will play fair, they will not so why should we. If England vote Tory, which they will and Scotland votes SNP which I hope it does, any refusal to hold another referendum until 2022 or beyond would be enough for me to say let’s walk. What don’t people get about this country, we are looking at perpetual Tory rule, if people are willing to be the servants of that then we deserve all we get.

      Thanks for commenting and reading the blog.


  2. Lanark

    I’m with you on this one Bruce but I think the SNP will play it safe once again. As you correctly point out, a stronger Tory government can simply refuse permission and call the Scottish government’s bluff. What will be the point in having all those MPs and MSPs if they’re simply going to sit back and be shafted by Westminster?

    Usually if you have a majority of MPs, then you get your policies enacted. Why any different with the SNP? As the picture above shows, even Maggie accepted it.

    • Anonymous


      Totally, the SNP won’t do it, and too many people are against UDI. Like you I do think sometimes what is the point in having all the MPs and MSPs, and Councils, if the slow creep takes 50 years and by then we are all gone and there is nothing worth fighting for anyway as it will all be gone. I know that my patience is running out, the Tories will win and that kicks the next referendum into the long grass. The SNP can scream all they want and us on the YES side can scream all we want, May and her right wing scaries will just ignore us and we are back in our box. Yeah we will be a loud pain in the arse but that is all, nothing more. Something to be tolerated, wound up and laughed at. Not for me sorry, if we are not willing to take drastic action then what is the point.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • 100%YES

        The world is not what it was 20 or even 10 years ago people can get there news from any source, I don’t believe it will be so simple for the Tory’s to play dirty I am not saying they will not of course they will England or UK is also looking to enter the world stage and they seem to have a different idea of what the empire was and what it stood for, I suppose these commonwealth country’s would say something different I know being part of this union I have no found memories. It was a pleasure reading your blog Bruce I try and not reply on the Media for my information as I stay in England and hoping to get back home to put my stubby little pencil to that so important pace of paper.

        • Anonymous


          I am genuinely flattered and amazed that people do read the blog and comment, it is just my opinions and I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

          Please feel free to comment anytime, it really isn’t important where people stay and everyone’s opinion matters even though I might not always agree. I hope you are correct about the TORIES and things not being as easy for them as I fear. I despise their politics, I always have. I saw the results of Thatcher in the 80s as a young teen and what she did to my community and to my family with forced unemployment. I will never forgive them and will argue all day for independence for Scotland. We cannot go down the road that England is taking. My wife is from Ghana and there is little love there for the UK so if Westminster think the commonwealth are going to save the day they are in for a rude awakening to be honest.

          Thanks for commenting.


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