Scots invented Political Abuse

Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, appears to believe that Scots, well SNP Scots, invented political abuse. 

Tim Farron has described Scottish people as “trailblazers” of personal abuse in politics during a trip to Edinburgh.

Johann Lamont when Scottish Labour Leader said a few years that’s Scots weren’t genetically programmed to make political decisions. Sadiq Khan, Labour Mayor of London, implied recently that we were racist and now Farron says we invented abusive political dialogue, really, who is actually being abusive here. 

Farron goes on to say that “You see in Scotland, in particular – perhaps you were trailblazers in a way for the rest of the country – a kind of movement and a direction of heated and personal abuse that you see,” said Farron.

I don’t know about you but I am so sick of this shit. It’s bad enough that we have a yoonionist media that talks us down all the time, but other than the forced Tax of the BBC, we can decide not to buy papers. We have our own nay saying Scot NAT haters in Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie plus Fraser, Tompkins and Findlay, but at least we can not vote for them, but saying that we do have them fostered on us via the bloody list but politicians from down South, supposedly leaders, can go do one as far as I am concerned. 

There are social media abusers on both sides, I accept that, but the abuse meeted out by yoons as many of us know is both threatening and disgusting more often than not. Tim Farron needs to get a f grip, tackle the right wing hatred in England then come up here and spout your shit. I can’t believe I was ever a member of the Liberal Democrats. 

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12 Responses to Scots invented Political Abuse

  1. Dave says:

    He’s either showing a complete lack of objectivity, trying to get a headline or plain lying. It could be a mixture of all three. I surf a great many sites and the Unionist bile is by far the worst as anyone willing to spend 10 minutes doing a comparison could tell you.

    • Bruce Hosie says:

      Totally agree with the bile on social media being the most disgusting from the yoonionist side, I have seen some poor stuff from the yes side but nothing like what I have seen and been subjected to myself from yoons. Tim Farron is a bit of a clown if you ask me, he has no idea what he is for or against and the leadership within the Liberal Democrats make the Tories appear Liberal in so many ways. I did meet some decent members in my 3 months as a member but the politicians and the leadership sadly lacking, saying that though they have their fair share of brit nats.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. trispw says:

    I realise that they didn’t have much to choose from when Clegg resigned. But why they chose this third rater I have no idea.

    That was plain insulting. Where on earth has he been all these years of political insults?

    Another one who is not even vaguely up to the job.

    • Bruce Hosie says:


      I am just sick of them all now to be honest, they have no bloody clue about Scotland or Scottish Politics in any shape or form. The whole narrative is boring and I think in the longer term it will back fire as I am hearing more and more people say they have had enough of Westminster and the anti-Scottish Labour views now are unreal, they are in for a real meltdown next month but I think the Liberals might take two seats in Dundee which in some ways could be a bad thing. I know both candidates that I think might well win and one is really good and the other a bit of a yoon.

      Farron though is not up to it at all, they might stage a mini revival in England but will have to change leader again if they can find some talent.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. billy says:

    let them spout their pishnjust sling them a deefy because when we win our independance westminster will be running about like heidless chickens crying where will we put trident shit nae oil how do we pay the bills just like brexit

    • Bruce Hosie says:


      I think they will fight tooth and nail all the way and we will be in for a long journey but I am sick of the crap that gets reported that all YES supporters are abusers etc, I have had enough of it to be honest. Bunch of planks if you ask me. They can definitely stuff their Trident right up their a, I have always hated that bloody waste of money.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Galen Milne says:

    Considering the bile that has recently been expressed by Pete Wishart MP I reckon what TF has alluded to is a fairly mild reflection on the current state of our national conversation. I also would have expected some reasoned comment on that Wishart tweet but no. I’d therefore conclude that there is a helluva lot of smoke surrounding those who espouse their Scottish nationalism that is getting in their eyes and that of many who should know a wee bit better.

    • Bruce Hosie says:

      I haven’t seen anything from Pete Wishart that is really bad but if you any links that would help put things into context, he would also get hammered for days in the press if he had, it would be a new national crisis. There are people on both sides that need to take a serious look at themselves and the conversation they hold but to be honest, and I consider myself pretty fair, I have seen truly disgusting things on twitter, as reported by Wings and the National, from unionists that has been disgusting and have no doubt involved the Police. During the referendum alleged abusive Yessers were hounded by the press everyday yet the fact remains that the only arrests made were of unionists and for violence, the only Police issues were George Square the day after the referendum and Police Scotland acknowledged that they had neither charged nor arrested anyone from the YES side during the debate.

      Even unionists have got to stand up now and start defending Scotland against this rubbish by so called leaders from down south, it is just plain wrong and they are breeding hate and division, the very thing they accuse the SMP/Greens and Yessers of.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. daibhidhdeux says:

    Err…hard evidence of Mr Wishart’s “bile”, please, Mr Milne, lending to your other assertions apropos Scottish nationalism rather than its blood and soil BritNat variant, if you don’t mind.

    One example, please?

    Thank you for helping us “know a wee bit better” and you, too, I trust (in the latter case, you may wish to peruse the Scotsman’s btl comments as one path to balanced enlightenment in tandem with Wings over Scotland for an erudite, inclusive, reasoned, civic approach to the current constitutional settlement in order to clear your own eyes of the “smoke” you allude to).

    May I also suggest to you in your quest, that you visit the Troll Register which has archived copious examples of British nationalist verbalizations of violence towards Scots and Scottish nationalists as well as the FM for the sake of posterity: Quite an eye-opener, Mr Milne, as is the vitriol expressed also in the btl comments of the likes of the Daily Mail, the Guardian, the Telegraph et al. A distinct whiff of bootboy fascism therein those publications seemingly happily countenanced and thus ensconced (Wings over Scotland’s archives may additionally enlighten you and serve to balance your accusations).

    Good hunting, Mr Milne. May the force of the 77th Brigade go with you.

  6. daibhidhdeux says:

    PS What’s your take on the fascistic crop of wannabe Tory candidates for the Scottish local council elections, Mr Milne, with their overabundance of sectarian, violence inciting, racist statements?

    How do they compare to Mr Wishart’s – purported by you minus hard evidence – bile?

    Interesting that you complain of smoke getting in ones eyes when the source of it are the anti- EU pyrotechnics and UK constitutional fire-raising antics of the Unionist elements laced with their venomous accelerant language (see the publications cited above as mainstream British MSM examples thereof).

    But, then, projection and deflection were ever the psychological gambits of the Strawmen Argument type of debaters.

    Publish your evidence re Mr Wishart’s so-called bile and be damned, Mr Milne. Let Rupert Murdoch be put into pasture by your good self Young Turk, Mr Milne.

    In short, put up or shut up and more: Withdraw or support your accusation and corollary assertions.

  7. Lanark says:

    Try reading the Daily Mail or Express and you’ll see political abuse. Richard Littlejohn is particularly unpleasant and fascist to boot. None of these are Scottish inventions.

    And wht do LibDem politicians need a lot of numpties holding up those daft signs begind them every time they appear on TV?

    • Lanark
      Thankfully I don’t see much of those papers but I have read the comments section on line sometimes and some of it is truly appalling to say the least. I don’t know why Lib Dems always do that and Corbyn always seems to have young people chasing him down the road, I don’t get it and it just looks stupid to say the least.

      Thanks for commenting.


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