Influence, what influence?

President Putin this week pointed out that the United Kingdom has zero influence now and cancelled a proposed meeting with Boris Johnson. 

I have always heard the phrase punching above our weight. The powers that be and the sycophants in Westminster hark back to empire more and more every day, role out the Queen and the Union flag at every opportunity, kiss any presidents ass who happens to lead America and excuse anything countries like Saudi Arabia do in order to be seen with their Royal Family. 

It’s all bullshit of course, as our economy, built on the misguided fascination with the banking sector, continues to falter we use our so called military might to try and stay at the top table, we spend billions on nuclear weapons so we don’t lose our seat on the security council. 

It’s always been an illusion built on a history that is no longer relevant. Too many politicians swan around believing their own shit with an arrogance that is both funny and disgusting at the same time, willing to suck up to anyone who might make them look important while in reality the UK has only been tolerated due to its membership of the European Union. 

Russia might have just done us all a favour this week, I have never agreed with or aspired to the crap that Westminster feeds, a wake up call has been coming a long time. The United Kingdom is on a slippery slope of insignificance as far as certainly Russia feel and maybe that will wake up the pompous and the elitists in this country as to what is actually the important things. 



  1. squewedperspective

    I thoroughly agree.

    Not sure about the slippery slope to insignificance though. I think the self denial of those Empire 2.0 believers will need the knock of Scotland choosing a separate path before England can stay to address it’s national pomposity.

    Even then I not sure it will be enough.

    • Anonymous


      The insignificance came from following the story on RT but probably severely diminished is more accurate. It will be interesting to see how the yoons deal with the fall in their status esp when other countries demand a seat in the security council and the U.K. off, with no eu support that might just happen.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous


      Yeah Boris got some short shrift, good, these elitists in the Tory Party need to realise that they are not significant any more and it will be interesting to see how they cope.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. daibhidhdeux

    Agree with above: Scotland – in conjunction with other countries and global institutions – to put the final mockers on the current vestiges of the AngloBritNat delusions of grandeur.

    Fcuk ’em royally given the blight they have fetched upon the world over the generations as well as their specific wickednesses upon multiple peoples.

    Trust Scotland will be in the vanguard of the movement for global redress as we reforge our sovereignty and set it – genuine popular democracy on a universal front – back in train.

    I suspect Gandhi would have been enthralled by our efforts so far, and would be anticipating the final outcome so peacefully achieved on the basis of folk’s efforts made to date and thence and thereafter onwards whilst repudiating the violent verbal provocations of the WM establishment.

    This said and in the fullness of time, to an international war crimes tribunal with the whole bloody shebang of them.

    • Anonymous


      They are certainly learning about the real world now, clowns all of them. I just want the smile wiped from their faces and they might, although I doubt it, learn some modesty and decency. Hopefully once independent we can be a common sense voice in the world.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. trispw

    I’ve always thought it vaguely amusing that Britain was sitting at the top table in the 2000s.

    I can see that after WWII the UN might accept that USSR represented the Communist world; Rep of China represented Asia; USA represented the Americas; France the French empire and Europe, and Britain the Commonwealth.

    These days there is no Communist world; Nixon transferred the seat to the People’s Republic (which isn’t communist), America only ever represented itself, France has no empire and Britain has no commonwealth.

    The EU should be represented. The Middle East, Africa, South America…

    It has always struck me as embarrassing that the Uk thinks that it matters that much. You know, the idea that they would “warn” Russia about anything when Russia knows perfectly well that the idiots don’t have any ships, very few planes and they have to ask permission from the USA to do anything.

    How a so-called Christian country can have 1.5 million people living out of foodbanks and yet spend 200 billion on WMDs is simply beyond my comprehension.

    Leaving the EU will probably be the final straw for tehm.

    • Anonymous


      I totally agree, I really think our days on the security council of the UN are coming to an end now, there is no way that India/Pakistan/African Congress are going to accept this state of affairs much longer and nor should they. We might have a large economy on paper but we are no worlds power and I won’t weep when the elitists in this country are brought down a peg or two. The days of tolerating this country are well and truly over now, little England is about to find out how little it really is and I’m all for it. It might even wake a few people up once they find out that this country is far more loathed than it was ever loved. We are so stuck in the past in every way, from the horrible Windsor’s to the horrid traditions of Westminster, even Holyrood is not exempt. Time this country started to understand it’ s place in the world and got itself into the 21st Century.

      Thanks for commenting.


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