A New Low: The Labour Party

The Labour Party, it is being reported, are bracing themselves for a hammering in the council elections in May this year, not just in Scotland, but across the whole of the UK.

Looking at the reports Labour are expected to come third in England and might even come fourth in Scotland. Scottish Labour expect to poll as little as 14% in the elections and will at the very least come behind the SNP and the Conservative and Yoonionist Parties. In England the predicted winners in the Labour meltdown look likely to be the Liberal Democrats and in Scotland the Tories sadly.

I appreciate that I have ranted about the Labour Party before but if true the fall of this party is remarkable to say the least, not that I have any sympathy for them at all.

Anyone who watched the debates in Holyrood about the next referendum would have found a party that is devoid of principle let alone talent. You would think that they would have learned since the last referendum and recent elections but they haven’t.

They throw around insults at every turn and just chant a slightly different line to the fear and lies spewed out by Ruth Davidson and the ever so hapless Willie Rennie. A party that should be fighting tooth and nail for social justice, for the working man and woman, in Scotland, are a shadow of their former selves and many voters in their once upon a time heartlands are rejecting them both in Scotland and in England.

I just cannot see the Scottish Labour Party saving themselves unless they actually embrace common sense and a position that people like myself could vote for. The simple reality is the Scottish Labour Party might as well give up the ghost because they represent no one any more. Their MSPs are predominantly from the list that gives people like Anus Sarwar the opportunity to continue to milk the public purse having been rejected at the polls by the electorate.

I consider myself a social liberal in nature, I have an interest in environmental issues and agree that taxation should be a tool to redistributive wealth fairly, that social services can be used as a method of evening up the playing field to a degree by delivering high standards of education and health. I believe that decision making should be made at the lowest possible level where appropriate, I believe in the reform of local taxation as well as a host of other things. The party closest to that vision in Scotland would be the Green Party, and to a degree the SNP. The Scottish Liberal Democrats, The Conservatives and Scottish Labour Parties have embraced a neo-liberal agenda that happily allows control of almost everything to the private sector which actually erodes our ability to choose, our ability to influence, and any semblance of decency as the wealthiest exercise more and more control at the expense of the weakest and most vulnerable, where are Scottish Labour in this, front and centre cheering.

The Scottish Labour Party in this sense have sold their souls to the people who control the money and believe by throwing the occasional crumb to the dirty unwashed, a crumb that is acceptable to those with the power, then they will be electable, they are wrong. In Scotland Labour refuse to embrace a civic nationalism that has many social liberal ideas at its core, they refuse to represent the interests of the country and cling on to this narrative of being internationalists which most of us know is just a lot of crap. The days of relying on the a unionist vote that is no longer there is pie in the sky, people just don’t really identify in that way any more in Scotland. The term working class, while being of interest to poll companies and political saddos like myself, becomes more irrelevant every day and has little or no meaning any more for most people, we live in a country where it really is the haves and have-nots.

I believe that we need decent opposition, not the hate of the Conservatives, or the failure of the Liberal Democrats to stand up for what they believe, we need a an opposition that can embrace the desires of the Scottish people and to press the Government to continue to develop good policy for all, the Scottish Labour Party should be that party, could be that party but they are not. Principled opposition comes from Patrick Harvey and the Greens while shouty Ruth bangs on and on, Willie Rennie, well enough said and Kezia Dugdale just screams SNP bad union good. The Scottish Labour Party face a new low and maybe it’s time for them to just go away and leave us all in peace.



    • Anonymous


      Thank you, I just don’t see any future for them unless they change and they show no signs of that.


    • Anonymous


      I agree with some of what the writer says but the problem, and from my short time as a member, is that the leadership does not reflect the aspirations of many within the membership. There are a lot who really want federalism etc but there are those that they call orange bookers and they are Tory. I think the Lib Dems will do well in England in the council elections as there are few alternatives if people desert Labour which appears to be the case for many, but in Scotland I just can’t see a huge change. Of course the voting system in council elections will save them as it was designed to do, they might even get two additional seats in Dundee. My vote will be in the order of the YES parties to be honest as Theresa May made this election a judgement on Nicola Sturgeon and the constitution, of course designed to bolster the Tory vote she hopes at the expense of the others, so we are tied into one way of voting to be honest as any sort of roll back of the SNP/Greens will be hammered by the yoons of course. Interesting times.

      Thanks for the link.


  1. Lanark

    I think they’ve decided to go down hating the SNP. They have no idea on how to reform, a few ideas were floating around after their drubbing in 2015. But I feel they have made the choice that it is better to die than to reach out and work with the SNP and possibly even entertain the idea of independence.

    Hell mend them. We will be a better country without them.

    • Anonymous


      Totally agree with you, they have made a choice, a very strange one given how much they milk the public purse but they do seem intent on self destruction.

      I also won’t miss them when they are virtually gone. There will of course be the Jackie Baillies around to keep the hate going but Dugdale won’t last and the rest are bereft of any decency in so many ways.

      Thanks for commenting.


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