Something Different: Marvel Movies

I enjoy the Marvel Universe Movies a great deal, as millions do, so here is a wee blog about Marvel.

The first movie I watched was Iron Man with Robert Downey Junior and it was/is a very good action movie. Now if you haven’t watched the Marvel Universe there is actually an order you need to watch them in for it all to make sense as it is one huge story arc.

I am still to watch Doctor Strange all the way through, I started but only got half way through so need to pick it up again. I wasn’t really getting in to it but a lot of times I enjoy the movie the second time more than the first for some reason. Agents of Shield is a tv series and while it does link into the story arc to a degree it also stands alone, but is well worth a watch and is now on season four. My order of preference for the movies would be,

Iron Man
Captain America
Avengers 2
Captain America The Winter Soldier
Iron Man 2
Iron Man 3
Ant Man
Thor 2
Guardians of the Galaxy
The Incredible Hulk
Doctor Strange

The Incredible Hulk starred Edward Norton but the character is now played by Mark Ruffalo who to be fair is a far better choice. Edward Norton had the misfortune to be in one of the weakest Marvel movies but he also did not pull off the character at all well, he just didn’t fit. The special effects in the movies are some of the best you will ever see, sometimes there is maybe a little too much but they are amazing. The Avengers movies have tended to cram all of the characters in them, or most of them, and that gets it all a little cluttered, they also introduce new characters to the arc at the same time. If I have a gripe about the Marvel Universe is they need to tie in Agents of Shield better, it doesn’t make sense that there is not a larger cross over other than the main character Coulson. I would like to see some of the other characters get featured in the movies a bit more as it would make the arc more rounded.

Either way the Marvel Movies are ace and a lot of fun, if you haven’t bothered to watch them I would make the time, they are worth it.



  1. Awkwardboy

    I’m a big fan of comic book films, the marvel films are a favorite I even enjoyed the punisher flicks. I don’t understand how you can start with such fantastic source material and only achive mediocre results.
    Iron man and Deadpool have been my favorites so far, but I think the best character has been the Hulk in the Avengers – the Hulk cgi not Dr Banner.

  2. Anonymous


    I haven’t watched Deedpool and don’t fancy it and I suppose it stands to the side a little of the line. The Hulk cgi is good but I prefer the Dr Banner character,the underlying menace is always there. I need to catch up with the Dr Strange move and Legion but Marvel are excellent. I also have to see Rougue One as I haven’t seen that yet.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Tedious Tantrums

    When I was reading comics my favourite was Ironman. Mainly because he always came close to death because of his heart problems. Good plot twist, twisted often.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Tedious Tantrums

      I liked Roy of the Rovers and Judge Dread but I like the Marvel Movies, some of the Star Trek and some of the Star Wars but would lean more towards Captain America I think.

      Thanks for commenting.


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