” Now is NOT the Time ” Back in Yir box NOW

So Prime Minister Theresa May says “now is not the time” Mrs May also said: “I do not agree with the SNP that now is the time to be talking about a second independence referendum. “To do so now, while all our energies should be directed towards the negotiations with Europe, would make it more difficult to get the right deal for Scotland and the right deal for the UK as a whole.

Scottish Governor General David Mundell confirmed the UK Government would “not be entering into discussions or negotiations about a Section 30 agreement and any request at this time will be declined. Mundell also noted that “Scotland is leaving the EU,” ” the idea that indyref2 could stop that is “ridiculous”. “That is a fact.”  Get back in yir box you nationalist bastards!(he didn’t say that bit lol, it’s what I think he means) Ruth Davidson, deputy Governor General, said: “We reject conclusively the timetable for a referendum set out by the Scottish Government for a key reason; because it is unfair to Scottish voters.” No Ruthie, unfair is a Westminster Government with 1 Scottish MP in Scotland and elected on just 36% of the national vote being the Government that we have to suffer.

Now there will be many who have a lot of sympathy with the view that Scottish voters should have more information about Brexit before they make a decision and of course there are those who are brainwashed for all things union, they will never change and have been well conditioned to do as they are told by their masters and I don’t care if that upsets some of them.

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, has said Theresa May has “sealed the fate of the union” by denying Scots a second referendum. She added that this decision was a “democratic outrage” to deny the plebiscite. She said: “If the Prime Minister refuses to engage on the terms of a referendum before Brexit takes place, then she is effectively trying to block the people of Scotland having a choice over their future. “It is for the Scottish Parliament – not Downing Street – to determine the timing of a referendum and the decision of the Scottish Parliament must be respected,” she declared.

Kezia Dugdale, branch manager of Scottish Labour, has launched a website to deny Scottish voters democracy, as Labour like to do.

Kezia Dugdale has sought to cement her Unionist credentials as she vowed to “work tirelessly” on keeping Scotland in the UK. Kezia noted to the BBC “You have to understand that the majority of people here in Scotland don’t want independence – they told us that just two-and-a-half years ago – and they don’t want another independence referendum. That’s evidenced in all the recent opinion polls,” but Kezia what about this recent opinion poll?

she also said “Our country is divided enough. We do not want to be dragged back to the arguments of the past and that’s why the Scottish Labour party will very firmly oppose a second independence referendum here in the parliament next week. However back in April 2016 Kezia Dugdale said it was “not inconceivable” that she could support Scottish independence if there was a vote to leave the EU. Basically Kezia Dugdale has no idea what she thinks, amazing, she really has no idea at all about anything. No wonder Scottish Labour are a mess and on the way out, sooner the better.

That other totally insignificant non democrat Willie Rennie, branch manager of the  Scottish Liberal Democrats,  has said “it is not the right time, there is not public demand and there is not a proper mandate for one”. The fact that both the SNP and the Green Party both had a referendum in their election manifestos in 2016 and form a MAJORITY in Holyrood means there actually is a MANDATE to hold another referendum, what doesn’t Willie Rennie understand, what is it that he doesn’t get other than being undemocratic.

Willie Rennie recently said “If it comes before us in the Scottish parliament we’ll vote against it”. “If it comes before us at Westminster we’ll vote against it”. LOL, Willie Rennie doesn’t do politics very well, he only likes referendums when he doesn’t like the result. The Liberal Democrats, partners of the Tories in punishing the poor, partners of the Tories in Better Together, the party that doesn’t fight for PR only like democracy on their own terms, git back in yir box Scottish Nationalists. You have to feel sorry for any real liberals out there, although their aren’t many to be fair.

So there we have it, git it up yi Scotland, do as you are told and we will tell you when you can exercise your democratic right, we might have a wee referendum when we like, on our terms. Now many yoons will be partying this weekend like it was New Year and Holyrood has just been abolished.

My feelings are Theresa May and her minions in the yoonionist branch offices are taking a big risk, but where do we go now. Well I think we get the motion for a referendum passed at Holyrood and watch while the branch reps froth at the mouth as we do it, we hammer them for the next wee while, we make life as difficult as we can, we remind them and Scottish voters that we are just a colony. We piss them off in parliament like the SNP did so well at PMQs this week, they will get mad and like Question Time last night their anti-Scottish feelings will come to the fore. We talk to the EU publicly and we find sympathetic MEPs to comment on Scottish self-determination then we could just call a referendum anyway or we hold another Holyrood election with both the Green Party (if their members agree) and the SNP standing on independence in their manifesto; and if they form a majority we say a big f you to Westminster and leave anyway.

That might not be the path the SNP/Greens take, and who am I to tell them what to do, but Theresa May, Governor General Mundell, Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie can kiss my hairy arse, it is game on and if you think that we are still living in the days where we just hide ourselves away because you tell us to you can f right off.

By the way, I made a decision a while ago not to be a member of a political party, well that is a decision that is about to get revisited in light of you denying the democratic right of the Scottish Parliament to decide. You see unlike the Conservative and Yoonionist Party, the Scottish Labour Party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats I do believe in democracy and I am actually a real democrat, so that is a decision that I will have to re-visit because getting out of this Unionist nightmare called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is all I care about now.



  1. East Neuker

    Hi Bruce,
    Like you I am not a party member, but am actively considering it. If I decide to, it will be the SNP, not because I think they are perfect, but because they are focussed on what is important now. The only other possibility was the Greens, but I’m not convinced by them.
    Come independence, new parties will gradually evolve.

  2. Anonymous

    East Neuker

    I was a member a few years ago but left when all women short lists came in as I can’t stand discrimination in any form and left ,had a couple of months in the Lib Dems which was a mistake although I do see myself as a liberal in views. Theresa May and the yoons have made this a yes and no fight now. It’s ironic that most on the yes side had resigned themselves to there not being another referendum anytime soon after we lost, but the yoons have done nothing but bang on about one since they won and now it’s here they are trying to be hard men. You couldn’t f write it, they are mental.

    My thoughts though now are we have got to put the pressure on and keep it on, we get one more chance in my lifetime anyway and they started this political debate with their lies and deceit so we take it to them and that means buying the national, bloggers blogging as much as they can as wide as they can, even my little blog, and joining the snp to ensure it remains the largest party. If we wipe out Labour and the Liberals along the way fine with me.

    I’ll never support all women short lists and would not vote for a candidate chosen via one but I’ll just have to put that to one side as independence is more important.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. squewedperspective

    I it’s plain that one of the main reasons that PM the English Ambassador Mundell and his cohorts are so anxious to delay till after we have left the EU is to deny the European citizens in Scotland a vote in ScotRef.

  4. Anonymous


    That is a definite, I would not put it past them to try and deny 16 and 17 years old the vote as well. They will delay the referendum as best they can and I actually think that they will go down the deny road for as long as they can, they really think we are back in our box. They are taking risks and I hope they all backfire. I would rather be in the old Soviet Union than be stuck in this union for one minute longer than we have to. I despise them and everything they stand for.

    Thanks for commenting.


  5. Jim Morris

    Can someone tell the Unionists we are not fighting about the past, we are fighting in the present for the future. We are not denying the past but to fight about every single injustice visited on Scotland by the Westminster Government would take us back at least a thousand years.

    • Anonymous


      I agree we are not fighting the past but I am happy for them to bang on about the past if it educates people to how things actually work in this country, the Union serves vested interests and the establishment and the more people who understand that the better. You are right though, any future referendum is about the country we want to be and can be, it has to be abut hope over fear as fear is certainly the way they are going to fight again, and things like denying EU citizens the opportunity to vote etc, maybe even 16 and 17 years olds, it will be dirtier the next time.

      Thanks for commenting.


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