Roll Up Roll Up, Election going for £70.000

So the Conservative and Unionist Party have been fined £70,000 for failing to declare a total of £275,813 in campaign spending.

That seems like a really cheap price to buy an election, any election. The media in this country are very quick to slag off the Russians, Chinese, numerous African Countries for the conduct in their elections, will we see the same today. The BBC only mentioned it last night for around 2 seconds, but then should we expect any better from the UK’s state Pravda machine.

The Electoral Commission have also reported Simon Day, the Party Treasurer, to the Metropolitan Police over the spending allegations. Does anyone really think that anything will become of that! I don’t. The Commission go on to state that there was a “realistic prospect” that the party gained a “financial advantage” over opponents in the 2015 general election. And accused the party of “unreasonable uncooperative conduct”, which delayed their investigation for a number of months.

The Tories bought the election targeting marginal seats. Of course the Tories accept a little wrong but deflect their fraud back onto the Commission by saying that all parties have made reporting mistakes “from time to time.” And suggested: “There needs to be a review of how the Electoral Commission’s processes and requirements could be clarified or improved”. A £275,813 mistake in any business would get you the court and get you the jail I would hope but yeah what ever is the Tory mantra.

Newspapers are quick to talk of banana republics, well we live in one where privilege and status pretty much lets you get away with anything. I really don’t believe that many, if any, Tory MPs will go to jail or even be found guilty of any wrong doing and I would be very surprised if any by-elections have to be fought, not in this country. Corruption and money rule the day and I am sick and ashamed of this shit hole of a country politically.

During the student riots a girl was jailed for 6 months for stealing a bottle of water, benefit recipients are sanctioned and denied food for being late to an appointment or not being able to climb the stairs to sign on but MPs can steal from the Tax Payer and steal an Election and that is all fine, wake up people and start getting informed. This cannot be allowed to continue, we either get out or we demand change but we are to blame in many ways for putting up with this undemocratic system of first past the post and electing drones and in the Tory Party dishonest drones.

Don’t forget the lies during the independence referendum, don’t forget Ruth Davidsons Scottish Conservatives counting postal ballots during the independence referendum, don’t forget MPs expenses and don’t forget this fraud when you go to decide where to put your vote when we next decide Scotland’s future.



    • Anonymous

      I am also very sceptical, why not fine them the amount of the fraud. I don’t think that anyone will lose their seat, I hope there are re-runs of the elections in the seats concerned and the candidates involved barred from standing but I just doubt that anything will be done, no faith in Westminster or the establishment in the UK at all, never have.

      Thanks for commenting.


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