The Elections in May ARE about another Referendum

There has been a small debate on Twitter about the local elections in May not being about another independence referendum. Some people feel that the elections in May should concentrate on local issues only and nothing else. I used to have a lot of sympathy about that, and in the main agreed, but then this happened.

The Prime Minster on the 26th February argued “that Scots should back the Conservatives on May 4 to demonstrate their opposition to a rerun of the 2014 vote”, we also have list Conservative MSP Miles Briggs hassling every Green Party Candidate standing in the local elections with the Tweet below.

The simple reality is that everything is now about the next Independence Referendum, pure and simple, this is because the Unionists, and the Westminster Government, have left us with little or no choice now.

While local issues are vital to all of us in our various communities, and our vote should be able to reflect local concerns, the reality is that the constitutional issue impacts on all things political whether we like it or not, and we all need to consider the implications of unionists having control over any council in Scotland, and what they will do to forward their cause.

Would you put it past them to run down local services even more to make a national point, would you trust them to not make council employees unemployed to make a national point, I wouldn’t. I appreciate that many out there would make the same claim about the SNP and think I am being nieve in the extreme but actions speak louder than words. The simple reality is the Tories have made these elections about YES and NO, they may have done this to try and wipe out the Labour and Liberal votes but whatever their ulterior motive they have turned the local elections into a national debate.

If we could trust the media to be fair and impartial I would say vote for local concerns, if we could trust the Unionist Party Leaders to focus on local issues I would say fair enough, but we can’t and they won’t. They will take pot shots at every opportunity and any sort of foothold or gain locally will be used as a stick to beat the independence movement.

Has my take on things meant that I have fallen into a Tory trap, I don’t know, but I do know that unionist control of any councils will not be a good thing for any part of Scotland due to their obsession with everything referendum, so when I go to the polls in May, I will have one eye or one and a half on the national picture and my vote will reflect that, maybe not right but it is what it is.

There are good local unionist councillors out there, no honestly there are, but my message to you is your party leaders are doing you no favours.



  1. East Neuker

    Mrs May may think she’s set a trap, but the trap only works if Scots vote for unionist parties in any election at all.
    Normally I would strongly maintain that council elections should be fought on local issues, and that will return in an independent Scotland. These are not normal times.
    May has thrown down an arrogant challenge, and anyone with any inclination towards independence should vote SNP or Green for as many candidates as they have standing before listing any others, preferably with Tories always last.
    The message needs to be sent to the most outrageous government of my long lifetime. (Yes, I do actually think they are worse than the 80’s, and will get worse still

    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker
      I totally agree, I have always voted on local issues in local elections and tended to favour my local Liberal Democrat Councillor because he is very hard working and diligent, but these are not normal times as you say and my vote will reflect that. The Unionist candidates will be the lowest ranked this time, I will fill all the boxes as not doing so could give them a little advantage I am led to believe but Theresa May has made this about independence so lets give her what she wants.

      Thanks for commenting.


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