Feeling the Love BBC Style

Below are some of the comments appearing on the BBC News Website since Nicola Sturgeon made the announcement of wanting to hold a second Scottish Independence Referendum. Why would any of us want to vote YES in the face of all of this love.

4436. Posted by U16641066
If the Scots decide to remain loyal to the union, great.
If not, let’s give them the independence from hell with a complete embargo and only able to access outside world via air and sea (and not allowed in our territorial waters or airspace). To include strict road tourism ban.
Back to the Stone Age for Scotland – let’s face it, with Irn Bru and deep fried mars bars, it’s not much of a stretch.

4426. Posted by thehartfactor
Artur Mas just sentenced to 2 years in jail for illegal referendum on independence for Catalonia! Can we guarantee the same for Nicola Sturgeon? We can only hope and pray!

4417. Posted by Jez a chill looking for a spine to crawl up
A tinpot dictator fuelled on bigotry and hate!

4401. Posted by Owain
Horrible fanatical extremist causing more problems.

4398. Posted by ray blake
I am fast approaching my 78th year and for as long as I can remember there has been a vociferous minority north of Hadrian’s Wall who have expressed a dislike of the English and little Nicola is another in a long line of English Bashers
I have no wish to see the dissolution of the Union, however I am sick of the whingeing of the allegedly poor Scots and frankly if they want to go so be it.

4392. Posted by Random Guy
Let them have the referendum.
No currency tie in.
No golden goodbye.
No referendums later down the line to region UK.

4390. Posted by Mr Lover Lover
If Scotland wants to leave, let them leave. They can build and fund their own schools, army, prisons, hospitals and economy. Or do they expect to hang onto that? If you leave don’t expect the number 999 to still work for you, it’s your country now. Build it.

4389. Posted by blagshaw
I think I can honestly say as an Englishman in the south east that none of us give two hoots what the scots decide to do.

We’d prefer they went, of course we do but if they don’t we won’t lose any sleep.

I’m sure we’d find another source of shortbread and tramps if they did go and no longer sending billions of pounds there every year would be a boon too.
4387. Posted by andydennis

I’m English but really want Scotland to be independent. I’m sick to the eye teeth of hearing about them being the poor neighbour bullied by the nasty English. They can stop being ruled from London and can be ruled from Brussels instead. Paint your faces , cry braveheart and get on with it.

4381. Posted by baldeagle4travel
So, You Jocks want to break away do you? Go for it. You would find that you won’t be in the Eu, you won’t be in the UK, and you wont have a currency worth a light to trade off your debts. Still you did say yopu wanted INDEPENDENCE AND it will still be very dark and very cold come winter…Great idea! We have already sent for Trumps plan to build our wall to keep you lot OUT!!

4370. Posted by Dark Knight 68
If Scotland Leave – we should demand their £10 billion per annum subsidy is given straight to the UK NHS and Social care.
Not ifs no buts-Its a net figure.
Add that to a reduction in Foreign aid and cease the £11 bn net to the EU and all of a sudden even the tory’s could run the UK economy.
We are £1.6 Trillion debt +£60 bn deficit.

I still want Scotland to stay but they need to lose the SNP.

4346. Posted by Peter Charles
The Scots benefit hugely from being part of the UK and if they vote for independence they will be alone, out of the EU. UK and NATO with no global voice. The Scots benefit hugely from being part of the UK, alone they will be a little nation with no status.



  1. lanark

    I have many misgivings about the EU and I voted to leave, but I would much rather have Scotland in the EU than the UK.

    The Yoons are already making things as nasty as they can. It suits them to do so of course, the more unpleasant the campaign the more moderate people are put off ever having a possible third vote.

    For what it’s worth, I believe that Westminster won’t block a vote but will attach conditions that the Yes side will find unpalatable and can therefore cannot accept. The SNP/Yes side can then be accused of bottling it. Perhaps I ‘m being pessimistic but I know they’ll be dirtier than ever.

    Two great posts btw.

    • Anonymous

      Like you I have many misgivings about the EU and also voted leave. I totally agree if the choice is EU or UK then it’s EU all the way for me but I would also be happy for an independent Scotland not being a part of either initially. I also think it will get very dirty, if it hasn’t already, and would not put it past the Westminster Tory Government putting on silly conditions like it can’t be held until 2021, non British voters can’t vote even if they are registered and living in Scotland, and they might even try the 79 nonsense on turnout again. All of this will have to be resisted and if needs must the Scottish Government go ahead with a consultative referendum and if the answer is YES we declare and just leave, let the lawyers sort out the rest. A big risk but the bigger risk is remaining tied to a right wing hate filled England.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Pedro Mannus

    uneducated on the realities of uk economics and blindly lead by the westminster criminals who are robbing us all blind, at least scotland is awake to the fact and no longer want to lose the precious resources to the nazi like tories in their mansions bought with blood money

    • Anonymous

      From many no voters I know I think it is a mixed bag. There are those, like you say, who are ignorant to the realities of the situation financially and there are those who know full well but believe in the union and will campaign to keep Scotland in it. The best we can do is challenge and educate and hopefully convince enough soft no’s of the merits of taking sovereignty back and ending what is a union which has run its course now.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment.


  3. Mojo

    After reading some the spiteful comments about us whinging Scots as they call us, I would like to point out that this is more about us wanting to go govern ourselves and not about separating ourselves from England. If the boot were on the other foot and we held the purse strings I don’t think Westminster would accept that for long. In Scotland we would rather have England as our friends and neighbours rather than our masters who dictate to us. Their politics are different to ours and some of the decisions made by Westminster is at complete odds in how it affects us North of the border. One size does not fit all!
    In my ooinion the tone and ambition of our journey to gain Independence has gained some bitter resentment from our cousins in the South which I believe the Press and mainstream TV news have a lot to answer for by slanting public opinion and inciting hatred towards our ambitions!
    There is nothing wrong in wanting self determination, don’t take it personally. I think if you lived here, as a lot of English do, then and only then you begin to see how Westminster politics affect us! There is a reason why there is only one Tory in Scotland. In the Highlands what I live we can see the oil rigs from our house and when you travel through the local villages along the coast you are greeted with empty shops and shops for sale signs as there is no money, rather bizarre considering oil is on our doorstep don’t you think?
    So instead of insulting one another, try and understand the reasons for our desire to be Independent and let us go forward as friends and neighbours the way things should be.

    • Anonymous

      Hi, I do live here, I am from Dundee and have lived in Dundee most of my life. Have had the benefit to live abroad and travel and very thankful for that but always seem to come home. The comments are spiteful but mostly ignorant, and like you have said, fuelled by an equally ignorant and spiteful media down South. I also think there is a lot of fear down south about what happens when Scotland does decide to leave, which it will at some point. Like you I have nothing against English people at all and some of my closest friends are English but we have been different politically for a long time now and they are going on a journey that we cannot and should not follow, little England are clinging on to an England that is long gone and won’t come back as the world has changed, no matter how many Royal Yachts they build the empire, which was not a good thing, is long gone thankfully. We are the last part of it really and it’s time we were not. Sadly the insults will fly on both sides and that will put some people off and I think that is the plan for some people. Scotland need to chart a new path, oil was never an issue for myself in belief in Scottish sovereignty so now that it is not a basis for our future to a degree that should help us. We also need to be honest that our journey will not be an easy one at all but it will be worth it, all decisions need to be made in Scotland as best possible in this clobalised world. Westminster works for the South East Coast, London and vested interests/privilege, we cannot be a part of that anymore when like you say our shops are empty and too many survive on food banks, we have to change that and we start with a YES vote.

      Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to express your opinion.


    • Anonymous

      Outside of London everything is region to too many people down South. Ignorance fuelled by a right wing media hell bent on spreading lies constantly and increasingly becoming something from the 1930’s. What a mess.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Hazel Kennon

    Independence is nothing to do with hating the English. It,s about having a say in the running of our own country. We are not wanting utopia, just a fairer country for all, rich and poor. Our Scottish Government want what is best for Scotland and the rest of the UK but Westminster refuse to listen. We have so many people against us but we will win. From a 67 year old great grandmother never a racist.

    • Anonymous

      Well said and I could not agree with you more. I am 48 years old and want what is best for my children and for Scotland and that is a different path to that of the rest of the UK. I hope that enough people will see and understand the injustice of the UK now and will take a leap to re-create something better for our country, either way we are on a different journey now and I will hopefully do my part to convince some people to vote YES.

      Thanks for commenting.


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