1984 but worse this time and we are part of the problem

The United Nations security council has issued a warning that the world is facing the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945 with starvation and famine in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and northeastern Nigeria.

It is being reported that up to 20 million people, many women and children, are being effected by this latest crisis. Reports also state that 1.8 million children are facing imminent death. 

Much of the reasons for famine are conflict related, and while the UK provides around 100 million pounds in aid to Yemen, we sell around 4 billion pounds worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia which are then used in Yemen. 

There are no easy solutions to the plight of many around the world, industrial food production is maybe not the answer, delays in providing aid doesnt help, global capitalism appears to make most of us poorer and our foreign policy leaves a lot to be desired. I do feel though that selling weapons that cause people to flee resulting in famine is definitely not the direction we should be allowing in this country but then we know the Tories have few, if any, morals. 

Things are getting worse for people who just want to live their lives in peace, while 100 million is at least a plaster, not playing games with weapons sales and stupid politics would be a start. 



  1. trispw

    I just don’t understand the Uk selling weapons to Saudi and helping them with the use of them.

    Why are they doing this? I suppose the answer is that it makes a lot of money for people who sell arms and that the Americans
    have told them to sell arms to Saudi.

    What is it with despotic ROYAL regimes in the Middle East, that the Uk government have absolutely no issues with, while they deplore the non-royal dictatorships.

    Old English subservience to royalty?

    • East Neuker

      No Tris, it is just that the UK government are a bunch of c***s. Maybe the royalty thing has something to do with it, but it’s more about the usual thing…. ” how do my friends make money out of this?”

      • grumpyscottishman

        East Neuker

        It’s all just disgusting, I understand the UN are working hard and some food is getting in but in this day and age it should not be happening and it’s hardly been covered on the jock we call news in this country, weapons are far more important to the Tories and the yoons, just look at the language they use.

        Thanks for commenting.


    • grumpyscottishman


      The Tories would do away with the vote if they could, they would also sell arms to anyone who wanted them and wouldn’t care where they landed, probably blame the SNP. You are right though, they do love their Royals, it’s a bit sick really, is there a hidden need to be told what to do for them by there betters. Some sick sort of weird enjoyment, they mostly go to private school with the Royals.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. daibhidhdeux

    It’s a win win situation for the Brit armaments industry: Flog ‘m. Help ‘m use them. Flog ‘m some more ad infinitum.

    Luvvlie jubblie and large G&Ts all round, chaps.

    As to the “collateral damage” starving, sick, and dying as a consequence? Who gives a flying fcuk?

    • grumpyscottishman


      Yeah the money people win either way. Sad state of affairs when bombing children causing hunger makes money and is a lucrative policy. Certainly the Tories and the yoons seem to only take a passing interest which sums up their principles and take on things in their world, not good at all and as usual the weakest and most vulnerable pay, don’t know how we change it though.

      Thanks for commenting.


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