Twitter Feeds:Tory Britain

I am going to blog some of the issues or headlines that I see on my Twitter feed. I like Twitter, while I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea I have always enjoyed the medium.  


First up we have a blog that while being a depressing picture of today’s Britain it provides some really important information about what is actually going on and what the papers don’t report.  

The list is depressingly long and puts a human face on Tory Britain. 

This is a huge mistake waiting to happen, and will put more pressure on already financially strapped local councils. I worked with homeless young people for a few years and none of them chose to be where they found themselves and the reasons why were very complicated. This is just more attacks on the most vulnerable. 

Tell us something we don’t know. I actually don’t think the Tories really care if Scotland leaves the UK or not, it’s a win win for them either way. Get rid of the Scots, which will please many of their voters and never ending Tory rule in England and Wales. 

I seem to remember during the Indy ref that Scotland would have had to pay every penny of its debt run up by Westminster. How times change. This will help in the trade negotiations. 

So the bastard Tories lose two tribunals having being found to be discriminating against people so what the f just change the law. 

While I have no doubt changes to the devolution settlement would please the yoons it will be another nail in the UK coffin.

Just a little snapshot of what comes up on my twitter feed and a real picture of Tory Britain, starting to feel like the 80s all over again with a Victorian England feel. 


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