Scotland In Union ‘ A Begging Email ‘

Scotland in Union sent me a wee begging email this week which was interesting in the Yoonionist way these things are.


I have reproduced the email below:

As we speak, those determined to take Scotland out of the UK are desperately trying to exploit the current political situation to bring about another referendum most people do not want.

We know that this is not 100% true as 50% of Scots, if the polls are to be believed, do want another referendum just not this year or in the next two years.

They are highly motivated, well resourced and sense an opportunity.

Definitely highly motivated but well resourced, again we know that is not true. During the last referendum the BBC reported that electoral commission figures on spending were “Yes” supporters spent £399,000, compared with £1m for those supporting a “No” vote. The No campaign received donations totalling £4,327,677 and the Yes campaign received £2,812,070. The Tories spend £720,000 alone on their so called the facts leaflet that went into every Scottish home, along with five fact sheets like the ones below from various UK Departments.


In fact Better Together were fined £2000 for breaking spending rules during the referendum so another we fib there. Although I accept the SNP spend around the same amount or more on the White Paper, but you had to request this as it wasn’t delivered to every home in Scotland.

We at Scotland in Union oppose another referendum. Our small team in Glasgow are working to keep Scotland in the UK but we need your support.

The best way to do this is to contribute on a monthly basis. This would allow us to resource our campaign teams across Scotland, commission research, lead the headlines, advertise our positive message and continue to widen our social media horizons.

Scotland in Union very publicly raised an estimated £300,000 at a charity auction recently attended by the likes of JK Rowling, Tories Alistair Darling (Lord) and Willie Rennie, and Archie MacPherson (lol) at £250.00 a ticket. Poor they are not.

Independence is not inevitable but we need people to stand up and be counted. The other side has the power of the Scottish state, determined supporters who will stop at nothing and even lottery winners to fund their independence dream

The power of the Scottish State vs the power of Westminster, the Treasury, the Bank of England, the USA, the EU, 99% of the media, the three main Yoonionist parties, most trade unions, most multi-national businesses like Tesco and ASDA, the list goes on. YES were supported by one family of Lottery Winners but check out the list for Better Together The Misguided

But you…the silent majority can be silent no more.

Silent lol, give me a break. The yoons haven’t stopped banging on about another referendum since the last one.

Please click here right now to set this up.

Thanks for your continued and valued support.

Scotland In Union

I don’t have to spell out how much money Scotland in Union will ever get from myself but let’s be clear here that they are not poor in any shape or form. They will have the full British State behind them in what will be the dirtiest and most underhanded referendum anywhere, we have not seen anything yet. Alex Massie writing in The Spectator magazine writes ‘It’s time to prepare for a second Scottish referendum’, just have a look at some of the anti-independence headlines below from recent stories, the second independence referendum campaign is already underway and Scotland in Union have taken the lead and we better get moving. Scottish Labour may say they won’t campaign with the Tories but they will work together, as will the Scottish Liberal Democrats, UKIp, the BNP and the rest.

Indy2 has already started in all but name and Scotland in Union, like Better Together did, are playing the victim and the pauper.



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