Something Different: Rainbows Difficult to Cure. 

One of my favourite bands is Ritchie Blackmores’s Rainbow and my favourite album is Difficult to Cure. 

The Rainbow lineup changes from album to album, there were no two albums with the same lineup. This album had:

Ritchie Blackmore Guitar, Joe Lynn Turner Vocals, Roger Glover Bass, Bobby Rondinelli Drums and Don Airey on Keyboards.

I think this is one of the best AOR albums out there and there isn’t really a bad song on it. The band had two hits singles from the album, I Surrender and Can’t Happen Here but the album has other gems suck as Spotlight Kid, Freedom Fighter, Magic and No Release. 

The album marked a softer style of rock for Rainbow and a lot of fans didn’t really enjoy the change. My brother was a big Rainbow fan but never really got into the Turner era where I was more into it than the Dio and Bonnet albums. 

It’s a really good album and I must listen to this at least once or twice every few weeks. 


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