Happy to be a Scottish Racist

So Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, is coming to North Britain to call half the population racists. 

The SNP,according to the Mayor of London, are worse than Trump and the Tories. Us YES voters are divisive and a nasty bunch of ignorant racists. 

Unlike the dirty unwashed Khan will say of London and those in Scotland he approves of “We are twin beacons of progressive values and hope within the United Kingdom. We both celebrate our diversity and take pride in our tolerance. We strive for equality and to increase opportunities”. 

So basically the anti-immigration, neo-liberal, greedy and self-serving Labour Party asbstainers are coming to Scotland to win back the country for Labour by calling us divisive right-wing, ignorant Trump like racists who only want to divide the country {he did get that right, divide Scotland from the anti – foreigner, attack the vulnerable and bomb children UK}. I must admit he has won my heart and mind, I now hate Scottish Labour even more than I did 10 minutes ago. 

Just when you thought the disgusting Labour Party couldn’t go any lower we get this. You have to wonder if this ramping up of the hate is to try to incite anger and violence from the YES side. 

Better Together Part Two is going to be the nastiest campaign ever, things are about to get worse if this is the tone Labour are setting, don’t rise to their hate, stay strong and stay calm, we are better than the hate they accuse us of. 

If being a civic nationalist wanting an outward, fair, welcoming , decent and democratic Scotland makes me a racist then I’m happy to be a Scottish racist. 


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