Poo always stinks!

I heard a little of what Kezia Dugdale, interim leader of the Scottish Labour Party until the May elections, said on the radio this morning.


First of all she reaffirmed her never ending love and support for Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Kezia is fully behind Jeremy Corbyn now, like she was fully behind and campaigned for Hilary Clinton in America and Owen Smith in the Labour Leadership contest. Jeremy must be bricking it now hearing that.


Kez noted that “I have every faith in Jeremy Corbyn. He has now won two election contests within the Labour Party.”

Kezia, like Gordon, like Jim, like Tony, like Jeremy is going to tell the Scottish Labour Party gathering this weekend that “What people across Scotland want now, more than ever, is a plan for the future that puts their families, their job and the public services they rely on first. “Employers and trade unions need stability and support. We don’t need another divisive referendum. “We can’t allow our future to be shaped by the Tories or the SNP who only seek to divide our country.” Heard it all before and like poo it always stinks.

Kez is going to bang on about Federalism, now this might actually be safe ground as the Liberals abandoned that policy a long time ago and Willie Rennie probably can’t remember he is actually a member of the Liberal Democrats. Kez wants a new act of union , Jeremy supports her view, well not really:


Same shit different day, don’t you just love the Scottish Labour Party.



  1. lanark

    That’s the thing with all these pretendy jock branch offices. They can promise all they want at their poorly attended conferences, then when the big boss down south doesn’t like the sound of it – bye bye!

    Lots of typically biased coverage of the wake in Perth on Misreporting Scotland tonight, followed by a sermon from the pulpit from yoon troll extraordinaire Brian Wilson.

    At least Ruth’s No Surrender party is honest, they just simply parrot what they’re told.

    • grumpyscottishman


      They will get a lot of coverage and I hope to watch some to see the hate. Dugdale though just talks shit, an opportunist of the worst kind. Scottish Labour only exist because of Union money from down south but she will be gone after May I suspect.

      Thanks for commenting.


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