Mundell: The Governor General Speaks

It is being reported today that the Governor General of Scotland, David Mundell MP, the Conservatives man in Scotland rather than Scotland’s man in the Cabinet, will TELL Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, that there is no circumstances in any shape or form that will allow Scotland to maintain membership of the European Union.


Mundell will also repeat the lies that Scotland will face a lengthy wait, have to join the Euro, and the Schengen borderless zone. The Governor General is expected to say (obviously wee leak here from Tory Pravda) “I think it is important to be clear, because there has been a lot of public debate on this point – that Scotland will not be in the EU at the end of this process.

“There is no set of circumstances in which Scotland could remain a member of the EU after the rest of the UK has left.

“If Scotland’s constitutional position were ever to change, it would have to apply to be a member of the EU afresh – and we should not make easy assumptions about the length of time this would take, the process Scotland would have to follow or the terms of membership that may be on offer.”

The Express goes on to report another wee lie that there are 10 countries ahead of Scotland in the Queue to join should Scotland apply to join even though we know there us no Queue. Irrespective of how you voted in the EU referendum it is clear that Scotland’s voice was not considered, as most of us already knew, but this should be a wake up call to all the soft NO voters out there. It doesn’t matter what they promise the next time, the love bombs, the UK family, the shared history, it’s all bollocks. When the EU negotiations start what are the Tories willing to sacrifice to save London and English interests, fishing right, oil and gas, food and drink. Do you really think the Tories will work to protect Scottish interests over the interests of Ingerland!

Now I won’t pretend that an independent Scotland will just walk into membership of the EU, if the EU still exists, after a referendum on membership of the Scottish people, but I would be surprised if it took 10 years given that Scotland meets most of the criteria anyway, but what is not right is that a party elected on 36% of the popular vote and with one MP in Scotland can glibly cast aside Scotland’s wishes with a zero attempt to even try. That is all about the decision that England has taken and not Scotland.

I just don’t believe that anyone with a brain can ignore the many reasons for Scotland to take back her sovereignty, they are growing more and more everyday. We were warned.



  1. Helena Brown

    This is actually a bare faced lie, which must be hard for a weak chunked bearded individual like Mundell. The people who actually run the EU have said quite clearly that if Scotland votes for Independence they will happily hold the door open for us. These lying frightened people will go to a ny length to keep us under their thumb and their hands firmly in our pockets. How we get to those who are unaware is beyond me,but one thing that may finally stop it is the poverty running our way. Despatched last night was the opening sortie.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I have read a few different things to be honest and I don’t think that Juncker is a friend given some of the things he has said but only time will tell. He is lying though and we need to get out of the UK asap and then the rest can be decided upon, they will just finish us off if we don’t get our sovereignty back as soon as we can.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. George Pirie

    The EU were pretty quiet in the first indy referendum, or even supportive of the No side. They have absolutely no reason not to come out this time, live on TV, and say procedures could be put in place to allow Scotland to remain in the EU family. It could kill all these fearmongering stories stone dead. It also puts more pressure on the UK negotiating team who will loudly be demanding they retain the benefits of the single market without having to pay for it or follow the rules. May has tied their hands with her attitude and is a prisoner to the demands of the English press.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I agree, I think the EU have got to make a clear statement on Scotland’s position and no more of the hints and sitting on the fence. I voted leave but I think I could be persuaded to vote YES to the EU in a referendum following independence as at least we would be negotiating ourselves and not hoping for the crumbs from Westminster and ultimately England’s table. The EU need to be very clear so that voters know where they stand but I do think the last time they were against Scottish sovereignty, that helped me vote leave to be honest, but it also made the debate much more difficult to win for the yes side.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. lanark

    I can remember when Mundell was trying (and failing miserably) to get elected as MSP for Dumfries. He spent his time appearing in the local papers moaning about traffic lights, parking spaces, dog mess and such like.
    That really is all he is fit for, a local councillor at best. Who the hell does he think he is when he’s laying down the law to us? Apart from a bunch of bigots/reactionaries in Dumfriesshire, no one voted for him.

    His son is just as bad.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I don’t understand how anyone can vote Tory full stop but for the Governor General and his son, I don’t get it. They are as nasty as UKip just better presented in the media. They are scumbags, I know people who vote for them and I just don’t get it at all. Mundell I have zero time for.

      Thanks for commenting.



    I think the EU will jump off the fence as soon as article 50 is triggered.
    Not a second before and I fully expect them to go full tilt to maintain the EU rights of all people living in Scotland.
    When the blue touch paper is lit, the EU will come out all guns blazing to make an example of rUK and why wouldn’t they?
    They must show that membership is far more beneficial or the EU falls.
    I can’t see that happening.
    So roll on Independance.

    • Anonymous


      I hope your correct I really do. We will need every idea and confirmed course of action once the next referendum gets under way. If the EU leave things unclear that will really hurt the debate so they are going to have to make a statement one way or the other, my vote doesn’t depend on it but many might.

      Thanks for commenting and taking time to read my ill-informed blog.


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