Project Fear: The Lies and The Smell of Panic. 

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag of news this weekend. First we saw the promised investment on the Clyde by BAE Systems, the investment promised that would protect jobs, be downgraded to a sticking plaster. 

The Sunday Herald are reporting that London has shelved any plans for a Scottish Six News Programme. Scotland the only country in the world that can’t produce its own hour long news programme from a Scottish perspective. 

The Sunday Times Scotland edition are informing us that we are the new Greece, again. If only, sun, warmth and little rain, I wish. 

I found the National Headline interesting and I  hope it comes to pass. 

Of course there is no way that Westminster and the Governor General Mundell will ever allow any deal between Scotland and the EU come to pass. It would result in the financial sector moving north, or might do, and Scotland doing well is not part of the plan is it. 

Project Fear Part 4 Million is well and truly up and running. We need to get moving ourselves now, YES will need to get moving soon , I will need to get more active soon. This is bigger than any political party it’s hope vs fear and hope must prevail this time. 

The yoons are starting to panic now, they have banged on about another referendum since they won the first one, let’s make sure they don’t win the second one and let’s see their real panic when it’s actually called. 



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